Sights and Sounds

 See how images of bugs can be used to sell products and create public appeal

What You Will Learn

Monarch butterflygrasshopperIn this activity you will see how important it is to use good pictures to communicate with others.

Some insects have greater public appeal than other insects. For example, most people like butterflies but shy away from cockroaches. In this activity you will determine how insects are used to sell products.

What You Need

  • paper and pencilA pen or pencil
  • A sheet of writing paper
  • A sheet of drawing paper
  • Print out this chart (23KB pdf)
  • Go with a friend or relative to various retail stores

What to Do

Look around your home or go to the store with a friend and look for products that have insects pictured on the packages. Record what you find on the chart you printed out. 

Now imagine a new product. Then design a package using an insect to advertise the product. Draw your package or place a picture of it on a sheet of paper at home.

hen you are finished answer these questions about Product Development on another sheet of paper.

The name of the product I am going to sell is:

The insect I am going to use is:

The product will be used for:

Think About It

  • Q: Where did you go to find the products?
  • Q: How did you design your package?
  • Q: Why do advertisers choose insects to advertise their products?
  • Q: What did you learn about communicating through advertising?
  • Q: After doing this activity how will you evaluate advertising in the future?