Crabronid wasps (Crabronidae): A family of wasps. In this family the adults are free-living and feed on nectar or honeydew. These wasps are solitary, i.e., they do not live in colonies. Adult females of most genera excavate small nests in the ground, each of which is provisioned with paralyzed insects or spiders, and in each of which an egg is laid; the larva then feeds on the provision. A name given to all the members of this family is digger wasp because of this digging habit by some of them. However, adults of some genera make nests of mud on walls of buildings. There are four developmental phases - egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Larra is one of the genera included, and is exceptional to the general rule because its larvae act as parasitoids. Do not confuse crabronid wasps (which are harmless to people) with the more familiar vespid wasps (which are not necessarily harmless to people).