Larra: (LAH-ra) A genus of crabronid wasps. Larra larvae are parasitoids, and their hosts are mole crickets. Adult females use their stings to paralyze mole crickets temporarily. An egg is laid on each paralyzed mole cricket. The mole cricket soon recovers from paralysis, but a grub hatches from the Larra egg, and the grub eats the mole cricket. People are very unlikely to be stung by Larra wasps - it might happen if someone picks up one of the wasps from a flower on which it is feeding - but the sting is very mild (no worse than a pin prick). Some of the species included are Larra analis (native to North Americe), Larra amplipennis (native to Asia), Larra bicolor (native to South Americe), Larra godmani (native to South America), Larra polita (native to Asia), and Larra praedatrix (native to South America).