Subfamily Panurginae Leach

    Three tribes are found in Florida. The tribe Protoandrenini has the genus Anthemurgus, Protoandrena, and Pseudopanurgus and the Tribe Perditini has the genus Perdita. The tribe Calliopsini also has the genus Calliopsis noted for north Florida.

Key to tribes (From Michener 2000)

  1. S6 of female with curved (i.e., lateral parts oblique) marginal band of dense hairs, the bands sometimes broken medially, elsewhere S6 with only widely scattered minute hairs; base of S6 of female with two broad membranous lobes (visible only on dissection) occupying space between apodemes; S5 of female with distal margin convex medially; gonostylus of male absent or reduced to small projection usually not reaching middle of penis valve, the latter enormous and complex; anterior tentorial pit in outer antennal suture (Calliopsini)
  2. S6 of female with marginal hair band undefined, poorly defined, or transverse (not curved), S6 commonly with moderate-sized hairs basal to band; base of S6 of female without membranous lobes between apodemes; S5 of female with distal margin nearly straight to concave; gonostylus of male well developed, usually nearly reaching or exceeding apex of penis valve; penis valve variable in complexity; anterior tentorial pit at intersection of epistomal and outer subantennal sutures, or below, in epistomal suture, in which it is in outer subantennal suture…2

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  3. Marginal cell usually much shorter than, usually about half as long, as distance from apex to wing tip, broadly truncate, margin on costa little if any longer than stigma; submarginal cells two, or rarely, a minute, petiolate intercalary cell between first and second; second submarginal cell (or third if there is a petiolate intercalary cell) less than two-thirds as long as first, rarely absent; integument often metallic and often with yellow markings; upper margin of hind tibiae of male usually not toothed…Perditini

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Marginal cell slightly shorter to longer than distance from its apex to wing tip, moderately to narrowly and often obliquely truncate, margin on costa usually longer than stigma; submarginal cells two or three, and if two, then second submarginal cell at least two-thirds as long as first on posterior margin; integument usually non-metallic, but if metallic, then with no yellow on metasoma; upper margin of hind tibia of male nearly always carinate or toothed…Protandrenini
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