Tribe Calliopsini Robertson

Genus Calliopsis Smith, One taxa

Calliopsis andreniformis Smith

Mitchell does not list this species for Florida nor does the FSCA have any specimens in their collection. Shinn (1967), however, lists the type specimen as being collected in "East Florida" and has a distribution dot indicating a collection approximately in the location of Jacksonville, FL. The abundance of this bee on school campuses suggests that it would be commonly collected but it may be rare in Florida due to a nesting preference for clayey soils.

Female: calandfemface.JPG (50517 bytes) calandfemclypeus.JPG (61234 bytes) calandfemmandible.JPG (53123 bytes) calandfemvertex.JPG (58920 bytes) calandfemwing.JPG (53054 bytes) calandfemtop.JPG (36702 bytes) calandfemscutum.JPG (70744 bytes) calandfemtegulae.JPG (70154 bytes) calandfemterga.JPG (51121 bytes) calandfemtergalast.JPG (45976 bytes) calandfemside.JPG (44570 bytes)