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Family Halictidae Thomson (66 taxa)

Two subfamilies (Nomiinae and Halictinae) are found in Florida.  The key to genera from Mitchell is used.

Key to genera

1. Front wing with but two submarginal cells...........     2

hemlusmalewing2.JPG (40981 bytes) habelefemwing3.JPG (49095 bytes) sphstymalewing2cells.JPG (45496 bytes)

Front wing with usual three three submarginal cells.....4

2. a) Posterior border of second submarginal cell less than half the length of the first....Sphecodes

sphstymalewing2cells.JPG (45496 bytes)

b) Posterior border of second submarginal cell more than half the length of the first...3

3. Head and thorax greenish; small (4-5mm)... Lasioglossum (Subgenus Habralictellus)

habelefemwing3.JPG (49095 bytes) habelefemside.JPG (38250 bytes)

Body entirely black, very long mandibles...Lasioglossum (Subgenus Hemihalictus)

hemlusmalewing2.JPG (40981 bytes) hemlusfemtop.JPG (38219 bytes) hemlusfemmandible.JPG (46386 bytes)

4. First and third submarginal cells subequal in length: abdominal terga often with green or testaceous apical integumental bands...Nomia

nommanfemwing2.JPG (37067 bytes) nommanfemtergatop.JPG (51518 bytes)

First submarginal cell about equal to second and third combined....5

auganogreenfemwing.JPG (60100 bytes) halrubfemwingveinsclose.JPG (54195 bytes) lasfusfemwing.JPG (52749 bytes)

5. Head and thorax and usually the abdomen also, bright, metallic green, blue, or purple; outermost wing veins well developed...6

    agasplfemside.JPG (48418 bytes) augmetmetfemside.JPG (62255 bytes) augpurmosfemaleside.JPG (66354 bytes) augaurfemside.JPG (50500 bytes); agasplmalewing.JPG (54140 bytes) auganogreenfemwing.JPG (60100 bytes) augpurpurfemwing2.JPG (54705 bytes) augaurmalewing2.JPG (47210 bytes)

Head and thorax black or dull metallic, or if at all bright in color, then the outermost wing veins poorly developed....9

6. Posterior face of propodeum completely encircled by a salient rim; hind tibiae equaling or exceeding their tarsi in length... Agapostemon

agasplfempropodealcarina.JPG (77216 bytes) agasplfembelow.JPG (60027 bytes)

Posterior face of propodeum without the salient rim, at least above; hind tibiae shorter than their combined tarsal segments...7

auganomaleterga.JPG (100499 bytes) augmetmetmalepropodeum.JPG (70421 bytes)

7. Hind tibial spurs of female coarsely pectinate; labrum in male black; sternum 4 in male with greatly elongated, slender, plumose, lateral processes.....Augochloropsis

augsumfemaletibialspur2.JPG (43789 bytes) augmetmetfemhindtibialspur.JPG (47418 bytes) auganofemalehindtibialspurclose.JPG (78205 bytes); augmetmetmalelabrum.JPG (47971 bytes) augsummalelabrum.JPG (48918 bytes)augsummalesterna5&6.JPG (72072 bytes)

Hind tibial spurs of female simple or finely serrate; labrum in male yellow; sternum 4 in male simple...8

augpurpurfemtibialspur.JPG (40058 bytes) augaurfemtibialspur.JPG (54243 bytes); augpurmalemandible.JPG (45984 bytes) augaurmaletongue.JPG (39474 bytes)

8. Mandible in female with two nearly equal apical teeth; basal abdominal sternum of female with a median carina; apical margin of sternum 4 of male straight...Augochlora

augpurmosfemalemandible.JPG (74800 bytes) augpurpurfemmandible.JPG (53469 bytes); augpurmosfemalebasalsternacarina.JPG (60288 bytes); augpurmalelegs.JPG (61995 bytes) augpurpurmalesterna.JPG (61938 bytes)

Mandible of female with a small subapical inner tooth; basal abdominal sternum in female not carinate; apical margin of sternum 4 of male broadly incurved...Augochlorella

auggrafemtongue.JPG (72139 bytes)

9. Head and thorax dull metallic, abdomen usually piceous or black, but sometimes testaceous, or with metallic reflections; outermost wing veins poorly developed; apical abdominal fasciae entirely lacking...Lasioglossum (Subgenus Dialictus)

(Note: L. (Dialictus) pectorale and L. (Dialictus) macoupinense, are still listed here, temporarily, under their former subgenus Evylaeus)

diabrufemtop.JPG (45944 bytes) diacorfemscutum.JPG (66621 bytes) diaalafemwing.JPG (70878 bytes)

Head and thorax usually black, if at all metallic, then outermost veins well developed and abdominal terga with well developed apical fasciae....10

halrubfemtop.JPG (53395 bytes) lasfusfemside.JPG (42881 bytes) evyarcfemtop.JPG (52862 bytes)

10. Abdominal terga with apical pubescent fasciae; outer wing veins well developed.....Halictus

halligfemaleterga.JPG (37256 bytes) halrubfemwingveinsclose.JPG (54195 bytes)

Abdominal terga not fasciate apically, but sometimes with basal bands of pale tomentum...11

evyarcfemtergatop.JPG (68092 bytes) evynelfemtergatopclose.JPG (54787 bytes) evypecfemterga1_3.JPG (75548 bytes)

11. Female without the usual tibiae scopa; head and thorax black, usually coarsely sculptured, abdomen usually red; gonostylus of male genital armiture broadly compressed and heavily sclerotized; outermost wing veins well developed.....Sphecodes

sphatlfemtop.JPG (43546 bytes) sphatlfemtergaside.JPG (35630 bytes) sphbrafemwing.JPG (44029 bytes)

Tibial scopa present in female; head and thorax usually not so coarsely sculptured; outermost wing veins poorly developed in female; gonostylus of male armature not heavily sclerotized..12

evypecfemrearlegscopa.JPG (61975 bytes) evyarcfembelow.JPG (56036 bytes) lasfusfembelow.JPG (48681 bytes) evynelfemwing2.JPG (57570 bytes)

12. Second intercubital vein of front wing well developed, similar to the first...Lasioglossum (Subgenus Lasioglossum)

lasfusfemwing.JPG (52749 bytes)

Second intercubital vein of front wing reduced, similar to the third...Lasioglossum (Subgenus Evylaeus)

evynelfemwing2.JPG (57570 bytes)