Tribe Protandrenini Robertson

    Two genera are found in Florida, Protandrena, subgenus Heterosarus, and Pseudopanurgus. Michener (2000) states that these are closely related and Pseudopanurgus might be considered a subgenus of Protandrena.

Key to genera of Protandrenini (from Michener 2000)

Punctation strong, punctures usually contiguous on some areas of thorax; omaulus sharp, at least dorsally; hind tibia with upper margin a strong, untoothed carina…Pseudopanurgus

Punctation well marked but punctures not contiguous to fine, weak; omaulus smoothly curved from lateral to anterior mesepisternal surfaces; hind tibia with upper margin at least at base carinate with teeth or serrate…Protandrena

    Notes on using the Mitchell (1960) key. The species listed as under Pseudopanurgus are currently placed into several subgenera in the genus Protandrena (Subgenus Heterosarus, Metapsaenythia, Protandrena, and Pterosarus). Of the five Florida species, three are placed in Protandrena, subgenus Heterosarus and two are placed in the genus Pseudopanurgus. None are endemic to Florida. Two are spring flying and three are fall flying.

Genus Protandrena Cockerell

Subgenus Heterosarus Robertson

Key to Females

  1. Dorsum of thorax with quite dense covering of short, brownish pubescence, more evident when viewed at an angle….P. (Heterosarus) illinoiensis
  2. Dorsum of thorax without evident erect pubescence on scutum and scutellum (but fine hairs closely appressed)….2

    propaufemscutumside.JPG (44052 bytes)

  3. Scutum and scutellum very finely, closely and uniformly punctate throughout, interspaces not exceeding diameter of punctures…. P (Heterosarus). pauper

propaufemscutum.JPG (67252 bytes)

Punctures of scutum more coarse and deep, to some degree separated in center of posterior half of disc, or those on scutellum more irregular and to some degree separated… P (Heterosarus). nebrascencis muesebecki

pronebmuefemscutum.JPG (74511 bytes)

Key to Males

1.       Scape to some degree maculated… P (Heterosarus). nebrascencis muesebecki

pronebmuemalelabrum.JPG (42940 bytes)

Scape entirely black…2

propaumaleface.JPG (61228 bytes)

  1. Scutum with a quite dense covering of erect, yellowish pubescence, which does not obscure the close and fine, but deep and distinct punctures… P (Heterosarus). illinoiensis

Scutum practically bare, hairs fine and closely appressed to surface of scutum… P (Heterosarus). pauper

propaumalescutum.JPG (52832 bytes)


Andrenidae: Protandrena (Heterosarus) illinoiensis Cresson

County Records: none in FSCA


Dates: Flies in May


Notes: Both Mitchell and Timberlake mention this species as occurring in Florida. No photos are available at this time.


Andrenidae: Protandrena (Heterosarus) pauper Robertson

County Records: FSCA: Liberty, Leon

hetpau.gif (18039 bytes)


Dates: spring flying; May


Notes: Collects pollen especially from Ceonothus americanus (New Jersey Tea)

Female: propaufemface.JPG (58297 bytes) propaufemfaceside.JPG (53744 bytes) propaufemtongue.JPG (40660 bytes) propaufemvertex.JPG (61618 bytes) propaufemwing.JPG (49260 bytes) propaufemscutum.JPG (67252 bytes) propaufemscutumside.JPG (44052 bytes) propaufempropodeum.JPG (78777 bytes) propaufemtergatop.JPG (50489 bytes) propaufemterga1_3.JPG (78121 bytes) propaufemterga3_6.JPG (69252 bytes) propaufembelow.JPG (40654 bytes) propaufemmesepisternumside.JPG (55184 bytes) propaufemscopa.JPG (50771 bytes) propaufemscopa2.JPG (43439 bytes) propaufemscopa3.JPG (42298 bytes) propaufemscopa4.JPG (48304 bytes) 

Male: propaumaleface.JPG (61228 bytes) propaumaleface2.JPG (58072 bytes) propaumalelabrum.JPG (48397 bytes) propaumaletongue.JPG (33816 bytes) propaumalevertex.JPG (63822 bytes) propaumalewing.JPG (46935 bytes) propaumalescutum.JPG (52832 bytes) propaumalescutellum.JPG (65446 bytes) propaumalepropodeum.JPG (68777 bytes) propaumaletergatop.JPG (52408 bytes) propaumaleterga1_3.JPG (69530 bytes) propaumaleterga3_6.JPG (51640 bytes) propaumalegenitaldorsal.JPG (36305 bytes) propaumalegenitaldorsal2.JPG (45789 bytes) propaumalegenitaldorsal3.JPG (39572 bytes) propaumalegenitaldorsal4.JPG (35264 bytes) propaumalegenitalside.JPG (39085 bytes) propaumalegenitalventral.JPG (34757 bytes) propaumaleside.JPG (34866 bytes) 

Andrenidae: Protandrena (Heterosarus) nebrascencis muesebecki Michener

County Records: Leon

hetneb.gif (16884 bytes)


Dates: Fall flying (Sept.-Oct.)



Female: pronebmuefemface.JPG (65303 bytes) pronebmuefemfaceside.JPG (47841 bytes) pronebmuefemfaceside2.JPG (50327 bytes) pronebmuefemtongue.JPG (46949 bytes) pronebmuefemvertex.JPG (62575 bytes) pronebmuefemwing.JPG (37674 bytes) pronebmuefemtop.JPG (46615 bytes) pronebmuefemscutum.JPG (74511 bytes) pronebmuefemscutellum.JPG (77031 bytes) pronebmuefemtergatop.JPG (63699 bytes) pronebmuefemterga1_3.JPG (75928 bytes) pronebmuefemside.JPG (38964 bytes) pronebmuefemside2.JPG (45094 bytes) pronebmuefemmesepisternumside.JPG (68645 bytes) 

Male: pronebmuemaleface.JPG (52674 bytes) pronebmuemalefaceside.JPG (45913 bytes) pronebmuemalelabrum.JPG (42940 bytes) pronebmuemaletongue.JPG (41416 bytes) pronebmuemalevertex.JPG (65733 bytes) pronebmuemalewing.JPG (51553 bytes) pronebmuemaletop.JPG (51191 bytes) pronebmuemalescutum.JPG (79007 bytes) pronebmuemalescutellum.JPG (71168 bytes) pronebmuemaleterga1_3.JPG (75092 bytes) pronebmuemaleterga3_5.JPG (78038 bytes) pronebmuemaletergalast.JPG (40900 bytes) pronebmuemalegenitaldorsal.JPG (32118 bytes) pronebmuemalegenitaldorsal2.JPG (32986 bytes) pronebmuemalegenitaldorsal2close.JPG (38797 bytes) pronebmuemalegenitaldorsal2closer.JPG (42316 bytes) pronebmuemalegenitalside.JPG (42757 bytes) pronebmuemalegenitalventral.JPG (42798 bytes) pronebmuemaleside.JPG (38660 bytes) pronebmuemalebelow.JPG (34700 bytes) 



Genus Pseudopanurgus Cockerell

Key to females

1. Pleura very coarsely rugoso-punctate, the scutum with equally coarse and deep punctures, but these not crowded even though very close over entire disc..P. rugosus

Pleura and scutum much less coarsely sculptured...P. solidaginis

Key to males

1. Supraclypeal area yellow at least in part.....P. solidaginis

prosolmaleface.GIF (503758 bytes)

Supraclypeal area usually entirely black, but sometimes with a narrow yellow border along clypeal suture....P. rugosus

pserugmaleface.JPG (79630 bytes)

Andrenidae: Pseudopanurgus rugosus Robertson

County Records: Leon

psepan.gif (17782 bytes)

Locations: Tall Timbers

Dates: Fall flying (Oct.)


Notes: new state record for Florida. Previously known from Georgia and Mississippi.

Male: pserugmaleface.JPG (79630 bytes) pserugmalecheek.JPG (95017 bytes) pserugmalevertex.JPG (102515 bytes) pserugmalescutum.JPG (98525 bytes) pserugmaleterga.JPG (81655 bytes) pserugmaleterga1.JPG (96841 bytes) pserugmalemid&rearlegs.JPG (75259 bytes) pserugmalerearleg.JPG (88430 bytes) pserugmaleventral.JPG (98003 bytes) pserugmalegenitalia.JPG (71930 bytes) pserugmalegenitalia2.JPG (51525 bytes) pserugmalegenitaliaside.JPG (65503 bytes)


Andrenidae: Pseudopanurgus solidaginis

County Records: Leon (see map for P. rugosus above)

Locations: Tall Timbers

Dates: Fall flying (Oct.)


Notes: new state record for Florida. Previously known from Georgia and Mississippi.



Female: prosolfemface.GIF (507682 bytes) prosolfemfaceside.GIF (469027 bytes) prosolfemfaceside2.GIF (515937 bytes) prosolfemlabrum.GIF (521002 bytes) prosolfemtongue.GIF (456690 bytes) prosolfemwing.GIF (450859 bytes) prosolfemwing2.GIF (430419 bytes) prosolfemtop.GIF (295300 bytes) prosolfemscutum.GIF (548645 bytes) prosolfemside.GIF (534637 bytes) prosolfemabdtop.GIF (535184 bytes) prosolfemtibiascopa.GIF (484780 bytes) prosolfemtibiascopa2.GIF (512627 bytes) prosolfemtibiascopa3.GIF (522310 bytes) 

Male: prosolmaleface.GIF (503758 bytes) prosolmalecheek.JPG (71498 bytes) prosolmaletongue.GIF (426281 bytes) psesolmalevertex.JPG (110757 bytes)