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Leafhoppers and planthoppers that eat bromeliads

Cicadellidae: Nine species of Cicadellidae were identified from Ananas comosus (pineapple) in Nicaragua (Maes and Godoy 1994, Maes 2004). They are Agallia sp., Amplicephalus sp., Aulacizes sp., Draeculacephala clypeata Osborn, 1926, Draeculacephala soluta Gibson, Macunolla ventralis (Signoret, 1854), Mareja sp. [identified as Draeculacephala sp.], Phera obtusifrons Fowler, 1899, and Tylozygus fasciatus (Walker, 1851).

Additionally, Cavichiana bromelicola Mejdalani was collected from Neoregelia cruenta (R. Graham) L. B. Smith in Rio de Janeiro, and from Neoregelia johannis (Carrière) L. B. Smith in São Paulo, by Mejdalani et al. (2014). It was found on leaves of those bromeliads in areas of restinga (broad-leaved forest on sand dunes) in the Atlantic Forest of those two states of southeastern Brazil. Then in 2020 was published Quintas et al. (2020)  describing as new Cavichiana alpina collected in two Vriesea species in Parque Nacional de Itatiaia in the state of Minas Gerais.  It was not stated whether the insect feeds on Vriesea plants.

However, none of these ten species has been unequivocally demonstrated to feed on bromeliads. They may have merely been ‘visitors.’

Nogodinidae: Bladina magnifrons (Walker, 1858) [identified as Bladina fuscana Stål, 1862, junior synonym] was reported from Ananas comosus and Bromelia pinguin L. at St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago (Fennah 1945).

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