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Schedule A Workshop

Step 1

Fill out the Google form on this page. Please choose from the available options. Forms should be completed at least one month before the planned workshop date.

Check our events calendar to see what dates are available.

Step 2

The form will be sent to the Florida First Detector team to review. In 3-5 business days, you will receive an email with a preliminary agenda and advised materials checklist. This agenda will contain your selected presentations, time needed for presentations, and expected speakers. Please review this agenda and respond with any questions or concerns you may have. Otherwise, let us know you are satisfied with the schedule. The advised materials checklist will have materials that we provide and materials we ask the host to provide.

Step 3

It's time to begin planning your workshop!

Find your first detector audience! We can assist with advertising by posting on social media, but for best results, please contact your local growers or other public members to participate. We will ask for the number of registered participants at least a week before the workshop. We will provide goodie bags with educational materials for each audience member.

Step 4

Once the agenda has been approved, the Florida First Detector team will reach out to you to schedule a final video meeting. This meeting will be held at least one week before the scheduled workshop. We will confirm your topic selections and discuss any other information necessary before the workshop.

Step 5

This is the workshop day! We will arrive at least an hour beforehand to set up the computers for presentations. Please have outlets and a screen available for us to display presentations.


If you have any questions regarding workshops, please contact us here





Please fill out the Google form below to schedule your workshop

Florida First Detector workshops are available online or in-person. By filling out a Google form of your preferences, we can connect you with the resources you need.

To open up the form in a separate window, Click Here