Welcome to Principles of Entomology 3005/5006
at the University of Florida

Learn about insects

The aim of this introductory entomology course is to introduce students to the amazing biology of insects. Students will learn a variety of topics about insects including ecology, evolution, anatomy, physiology, classification, and behavior.

Choose how to learn

This course is taught as a small lecture course and also as an online distance course. Each course is taught by a different instructor. Dr. Christine Miller teaches the in-person lecture class in the fall and Dr. Emma Weeks teaches the class in the spring. Dr. Rebecca Baldwin teaches the online lecture course in the spring, summer and fall. Visit the online distance course website here.

Learn by doing

All students must also sign up separately for the 1-credit lab, a co-requisite of this course. Labs begin the first full week of class. For any questions or concerns regarding the labs, please contact Mr. Michael Vickers,, the TA supervisor for the labs. More information on the lecture and labs is available through Canvas at UF E Learning,

Lab and lecture material are taught separately. Your lab TA will be able to help you with the lab material and the course instructor (Dr. Baldwin for the online lecture, Dr. Miller (Fall classes) or Dr. Weeks (Spring classes) for the in-person lecture) will help you with the course materials.




Insect photos