Genus Lasioglossum (Subgenus Evylaeus), five taxa

    I found two species in the FSCA, from single specimens of what were labeled L. (Evylaeus) sopinci (a female specimen) and L. (Evylaeus) truncatus. Upon examination, I determined that L. sopinci was a misidentification of L. fuscipenne and L. truncatus was a misidentification of L. arcuatus. Mitchell did not list either L. truncatus or L. sopinci from Florida. Also, an error in Mitchellís table was found that listed E. foxii for Florida but in the text, he stated that the southern limit in the SE was Georgia.

Key to Females (from Mitchell 1962)

1. Propodeum, except the dorsal triangle, densely covered with greyish-white tomentum, obscuring the surface...L. (Evylaeus) nelumbonis

evynelfempropodealhairsrear.JPG (78360 bytes)

Propodeum not tomentose, the surface quite visible and usually shining...2

evyarcfemdorsalpropodeum.JPG (75855 bytes)

2. Dorsal area of propodeum, just behind metanotum, coarsely, striately rugose, the rugae fully attaining posterior margin of area which is distinct, more or less carinate...3

evyarcfemdorsalpropodeum.JPG (75855 bytes) evypecfempropodeumrear.JPG (68625 bytes)

Dorsal area of propodeum at most finely rugose or striate along its basal margin, the posterior margin usually smooth and rounded....L. (Dialictus) macoupinense

3. Entire pluera very coarsely rugose...L. (Dialictus) pectorale

evypecfemmesepisternumside.JPG (75626 bytes)

Pleura finely or obscurely rugose, at least in part...4

4. Anterior portion of scutum with a deep, median groove; punctures of abdominal tergum minute and obscure..L. (Evylaeus) cinctipes

Median groove of scutum very shallow, barely evident; punctures of basal tergum distinct...L. (Evylaeus) arcuatus

evyarcfemscutellum.JPG (72927 bytes) evyarcfemtergatop.JPG (68092 bytes)

Key to Males (includes males of Lasioglossum (subgenus Lasioglossum)

1. Propodeum, except dorsal triangle, covered with dense, greyish-white tomentum, obscuring the surface..L. (Evylaeus) nelumbonis

Propodeum relatively bare...2

evypecmalepropodeumtoprear.JPG (72844 bytes) lasfusmaledorsalpropodeum.JPG (73395 bytes)

2. Dorsal area of propodeum either incompletely striate, with hind margin smooth and rounded, or rather finely, evenly though completely, rugose...3

lasfusmaledorsalpropodeum.JPG (73395 bytes)

Dorsal area of propodeum completely and coarsely striate...4

evypecmalepropodeumtoprear.JPG (72844 bytes)

3. Small (4-4.5mm in length); second flagellar segment much shorter than first segment and pedicel combined; pleura shining, with fine but distinct punctures...L. (Dialictus) macoupinense

Larger (7-8mm); second flagellar segment equal to first and pedicel combined...L. (Lasioglossum) fuscipenne

lasfusmaleantennae.JPG (33236 bytes)

4. Segments of flagellum very short, length subequal to breadth...L. (Evylaeus) pectorale

evypecmaleface.JPG (56401 bytes)

Flagellar segments more elongate, considerably longer than broad...5

5. Tibiae yellow at base and apex; gonostylus bearing long, conspicuous plumose setae...L. (Evylaeus) arcuatus

Tibiae entirely dark; gonostyli not setose and very short...L. (Evylaeus) cinctipes


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) arcuatus Robertson

County Records: Gadsden, Leon

evyarc.jpg (72728 bytes)


Dates: Feb. 27-April 11

Plants: Craetagus, Prunus

Notes: Mitchell lists this species for Florida. It may be restricted to the panhandle and or northern peninsula.

Female:  evyarcfemface.JPG (65726 bytes) evyarcfemfaceside.JPG (57007 bytes) evyarcfemmandibles.JPG (56526 bytes) evyarcfemvertex.JPG (64282 bytes) evyarcfemwing.JPG (48959 bytes) evyarcfemwingveins.JPG (46795 bytes) evyarcfemtop.JPG (52862 bytes) evyarcfemscutum.JPG (75468 bytes) evyarcfemtegulae.JPG (66067 bytes) evyarcfemscutellum.JPG (72927 bytes) evyarcfemdorsalpropodeum.JPG (75855 bytes) evyarcfemtergatop.JPG (68092 bytes) evyarcfemside.JPG (44712 bytes) evyarcfembelow.JPG (56036 bytes) 


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) cinctipes Provancher

County Records: Gadsden, Jackson, Liberty, Okaloosa

evycin.jpg (72960 bytes)


Dates: March 15-May 17; March: 2, April: 4, May: 1

Plants: Hydrangea quercifolia, Prunus angustifolia, Crataegus sp.

Notes: This is a new state record for Florida. Previously, the species was known from as far south as North Carolina. From the distribution record, it may be restricted to the western Florida panhandle. No photos currently available.


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Dialictus) macoupinense Robertson

Note: this species, formerly in the subgenus Evylaeus, is now in the subgenus Dialictus (Michener 2000, 2007), but remains placed here temporarily.

County Records: Alachua, Jackson, Manatee, Sarasota

evymac.jpg (73703 bytes)


Dates: Dec. 26-May 19; Dec.:2, Feb.:1, March: 1, April:2, May:1


Notes: This is a new state record for Florida. Previously, the species was known from as far south as Georgia. The distribution record suggests that it may occur throughout the state with the exception of the southeast.



Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) nelumbonis Robertson

County Records: Alachua, Leon, Miami-Dade, Orange, Polk

evynel.jpg (73446 bytes)


Dates: Feb. 18-April 13, Nov. 25; Feb.:2, March: 1, April: 5, Nov. :1

Plants: Erigeron quercifolius, Medicago lupulina, Melilotus alba, Bidens mitis, Hydrocotyle umbellata, Salix longipes, Sagittaria lancifolia

Notes: This species probably occurs throughout the state.

Female: evynelfemface.JPG (54159 bytes) evynelfemtongue.JPG (51760 bytes) evynelfemfaceside.JPG (59111 bytes) evynelfemvertex.JPG (67250 bytes) evynelfemwing.JPG (70320 bytes) evynelfemwing2.JPG (57570 bytes) evynelfemscutellum.JPG (81184 bytes) evynelfempropodealhairstop.JPG (64865 bytes) evynelfempropodealhairsside.JPG (42751 bytes) evynelfempropodealhairsrear.JPG (78360 bytes) evynelfemtergatop.JPG (50552 bytes) evynelfemtergatopclose.JPG (54787 bytes) evynelfemside.JPG (45395 bytes) evynelfembelow.JPG (48618 bytes) 


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Dialictus) pectorale Smith

Note: this species, formerly in the subgenus Evylaeus, is now in the subgenus Dialictus (Michener 2000, 2007), but remains placed here temporarily.

County Records: Alachua, Bradford, Collier, Gadsden, Hernando, Jackson, Lake, Leon, Levy, Marion, Miami-Dade, Orange, Seminole, Volusia

evypec.jpg (73498 bytes)


Dates: Feb. 24-Nov. 13, Feb.: 3, March: 3, April: 4, May: 1, Aug: 1, Nov.:1


Notes: This species probably occurs throughout the state.

Female: evypecfemface.JPG (51974 bytes) evypecfemfaceside.JPG (62460 bytes) evypecfemvertex2.JPG (65826 bytes) evypecfemscutum.JPG (78375 bytes) evypecfemscutellum.JPG (87379 bytes) evypecfempropodeumtop.JPG (80012 bytes) evypecfempropodeumtop2.JPG (81346 bytes) evypecfempropodeumtop3.JPG (73845 bytes) evypecfempropodeumrear.JPG (68625 bytes) evypecfemtergatop2.JPG (68487 bytes) evypecfemtergatop.JPG (54803 bytes) evypecfemterga1_3.JPG (75548 bytes) evypecfemside.JPG (44328 bytes) evypecfemmesepisternumside.JPG (75626 bytes) evypecfemrearleg.JPG (51600 bytes) evypecfemrearlegscopa.JPG (61975 bytes) evypecfembelow.JPG (57056 bytes)

Male: evypecmaleface.JPG (56401 bytes) evypecmalefaceside.JPG (54163 bytes) evypecmalevertex.JPG (61151 bytes) evypecmalewing.JPG (41840 bytes) evypecmalewing2.JPG (56615 bytes) evypecmaletop.JPG (41182 bytes) evypecmalescutum.JPG (73246 bytes) evypecmalescutum2.JPG (66832 bytes) evypecmalescutellum.JPG (73299 bytes) evypecmalepropodeumtop.JPG (73115 bytes) evypecmalepropodeumtoprear.JPG (72844 bytes) evypecmaletergatop.JPG (61875 bytes) evypecmaleside.JPG (31102 bytes) evypecmalemesepisternumside.JPG (55306 bytes) evypecmalebelow.JPG (52214 bytes)