Genus Lasioglossum (subgenus Lasioglossum), one taxon

Halictidae: Lasioglossum fuscipenne Smith

County Records: Alachua, Jackson, Liberty; also known from Lowndes and Thomas Counties, GA

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Locations: Torreya State Park

Dates: March 20-May 17; March: 2, April:2, May:2


Notes: In the specimens from South Georgia in my collection and probably from Florida also, the tibiae, basitarsus, and tarsi are entirely ferruginous in color. This is in contrast to specimens from further North that have just the base and apex of the legs ferruginous. The description in Mitchell mentions just the base and apex, but clearly the ferruginous color is more widely distributed in the more southern specimens.

Female: lasfusfemface.JPG (50499 bytes) lasfusfemmandible.JPG (46622 bytes) lasfusfemfaceside.JPG (52495 bytes) lasfusfemvertex.JPG (67011 bytes) lasfusfemwing.JPG (52749 bytes) lasfusfemscutum.JPG (63582 bytes) lasfusfemscutellum.JPG (61197 bytes) lasfusfempropodeum.JPG (71064 bytes) lasfusfemtergatop.JPG (55405 bytes) lasfusfemtergatopclose.JPG (65514 bytes) lasfusfempygidialplate.JPG (51643 bytes) lasfusfemside.JPG (42881 bytes) lasfusfembelow.JPG (48681 bytes) 

Male:  lasfusmaleface.JPG (64023 bytes) lasfusmaleantennae.JPG (33236 bytes) lasfusmalefaceside.JPG (58321 bytes) lasfusmalemandible.JPG (53700 bytes) lasfusmalevertex.JPG (69613 bytes) lasfusmalewing.JPG (56605 bytes) lasfusmalewingveins.JPG (64516 bytes) lasfusmalescutum.JPG (66315 bytes) lasfusmalescutellum.JPG (80855 bytes)  lasfusmaledorsalpropodeum.JPG (73395 bytes)lasfusmaletergatop.JPG (56526 bytes) lasfusmalegenitaldorsal.JPG (51734 bytes) lasfusmalegenitalside.JPG (45297 bytes) lasfusmalegenitalventral.JPG (57381 bytes) lasfusmalebelow.JPG (59197 bytes) lasfusmaleside.JPG (43834 bytes)