Lasioglossum (Subgenus Dialictus), 27 taxa

Key to Females (From Mitchell 1960)

1. Hypostomal carina strongly divergent toward base of mandibles,  Larger (7-8mm); pleura coarsely rugose and scutum deeply and rather coarsely punctate, rugose in part...2

diabrufemhypostomalcarina3.JPG (60121 bytes) diaretfemhypostomeexcavation2.JPG (57434 bytes) diaretfemmesepisternumside.JPG (62685 bytes) diabrufemmesepisternumside.JPG (61353 bytes) diaretfemscutum2.JPG (80764 bytes) diabrufemscutum.JPG (79704 bytes)

Hypostomal carina nearly or quite parallel...3

2. Front trochanters rounded; front coxae carinate laterally; hypostomal carinae usually not produced, the hypostome not deeply excavated...L. (D.) reticulatum

diaretfemfrcoxatrochanter2.JPG (55083 bytes) diaretfemhypostomeexcavation2.JPG (57434 bytes)

Front trochanters flattened and slightly excavated anteriorly; front coxae not carinate; hypostome deeply excavated, the carinae usually strongly produced...L.(D.) bruneri

diabrufemfrtrochanter3.JPG (49607 bytes) diabrufemhypostomalcarina.JPG (34704 bytes)

3. Tegulate elongate, being somewhat angulately produced posteriorly, distinctly and quite deeply punctate...4

diategfemtegulaecloser.JPG (59855 bytes) diamarfemtegulaecloser.JPG (48601 bytes)

Tegulae usually quite short, broadly rounded or truncate posteriorly; if at all produced, then not truncate...5

4. Scutum and scutellum shining between quite close and deep punctures; apical margins of abdominal terga conspicously yellowish-hyaline..L. (D.) marinum

diamarfemscutum.JPG (67585 bytes) diamarfemtergatop.JPG (51633 bytes)

Scutum and scutellum dull, densely tessellate between the punctures; apical margins of abdominal terga dark..L.(D.) puteulanum

diategfemscutum.JPG (60366 bytes) diategfemterga3_6.JPG (57793 bytes)

5. Front trochanters broadly dilated and much flattened, the length sometimes not greatly exceeding the breadth..L. (D.) callidum

diaverfemfrtrochanterexteriorviewclose.JPG (62292 bytes) diaverfemfrtrochanterinteriorviewclose.JPG (59618 bytes)

Front trochanters more slender and cylindric...6

6. Abdomen ferruginous in large part or entirely pale testaceous, contrasting with the metallic greenish head and thorax...7

diaviefemtergatop.JPG (54024 bytes) diatahfemtergatop.JPG (55293 bytes) dianymfemtergatop.JPG (46424 bytes)

Abdomen dark in general, either piceous or metallic greenish or bluish, often with apical margins of the segments yellowish or ferruginous-hyaline..12

7. Scutum with a dense covering of golden tomentum, obscuring the surface, with subcontiguous punctures; abdomen pale testaceous...L. (D.) vierecki

diaviefemthoraxtop.JPG (60866 bytes) diaviefemtergatop.JPG (54024 bytes)

Scutum not densely tomentose, punctures in center of disc relatively sparse...8

8. Pleura with distinct punctures...9

Pleura impunctate..L. (D.) stuartense

9. Pleura shining, punctures very fine and sparse..L. (D.) tahitense

diatahfemmesepisternumsideclose.JPG (63138 bytes)

Pleura dull, closely and rather deeply punctate..10

10. Punctures of scutum uniformly close throughout; only apical third or less of clypeus ferruginous...L. (D.) nymphale

dianymfemscutum.JPG (89910 bytes) dianymfemface.JPG (53473 bytes)

Punctures of scutum well separated over median area of disc; half or more of clypeus ferruginous...L. (D.) surianae

12.  Posterior face of propodeum sharply truncate, delimited both laterally and dorsally by a distinct, carinate rim; punctures of scutum coarse and deep...L. (D.) brassicae

Propodeum not so distinctly truncate posteriorly, margin between dorsal and posterior surfaces more or less rounded, not sharply carinate; or punctures of scutum minute...13

13. Head more elongate, length of supraclypeal area being at least equal to its greatest width...14

diacorfemface.JPG (55018 bytes) diacrefemalemandible.JPG (37760 bytes) diahalfemalefaceclose.JPG (94224 bytes) diarahfemface.JPG (58761 bytes) diapilfemface.JPG (82926 bytes)

Head more rounded, supraclypeal area being broader than long, and clypeus usually not extended much below suborbital line...19

14. Punctures in central area of scutum to some degree separated...15

diacorfemscutum.JPG (66621 bytes)

Punctures close over entire scutum, interspaces little, if any, exceeding diameter of punctures...17

diarahfemscutum2.JPG (74527 bytes) diapilfemscutum.JPG (74959 bytes)

15. Punctures of scutum very minute and obscure, well separated throughout; size very small (4mm)..L. (D.) coreopsis

diacorfemscutum.JPG (66621 bytes)

Scutum quite densely punctate laterally...16

diahalfemalescutum.JPG (93029 bytes)

16. Scutum medially and scutellum very sparsely and minutely punctate...L. (D.) halophitum

diahalfemalescutum.JPG (93029 bytes)

Punctures of scutum medially deep and distinct, well separated but not sparse..L. (D.) creberrimum

diacrefemaletegula2.JPG (50256 bytes)

17. Supraclypeal area quite flat, not noticeably elevated above surrounding areas of face; clypeus medially also flat...L. (D.) raleighense

diarahfemfaceside.JPG (49306 bytes)

Supraclypeal area more or less strongly convex, thus slightly elevated in center above surrounding area of face...18

diapilfemmandible.JPG (63949 bytes)

18. Smaller (4-5m); second submarginal cell considerably shorter than third..L. (D.) creberrimum

diacrefemalewing2.JPG (34640 bytes)

Larger (6-7mm); second submarginal cell nearly equal in length to third..L. (D.) floridanum

diapilfemwing.JPG (45120 bytes)

19.Scutum sparsely punctate throughout, punctures being widely separated even in areas between notaulices and tegulae at each side..L. (D.) apopkense

diapofemscutumclose.JPG (62658 bytes)

Scutum quite closely punctate between notaulices and tegulae...20

diaalafemscutum.JPG (70555 bytes)

20. Cheeks considerably broader than eyes, in lateral view of head... L. (D.) imitatum

Cheeks subequal to eyes in width, or slightly narrower...21

21. Clypeus all or in part ferruginous...22

diatahfemlabrum.JPG (56211 bytes) diatarfemlabrum.JPG (45200 bytes)

Clypeus entirely dark in color...25

diaflafemaleface3.JPG (45135 bytes)

22. Pleura dull, densely tessellate between close and rather deep punctures..L. (D.) surianae

Pleura shining, punctures, if present, very minute and sparse...23

23. Pleura anteriorly quite smooth, with scattered shallow but rather distinct punctures...24

diatahfemmesepisternumsideclose.JPG (63138 bytes)

Pleura roughened or subreticulate, anteriorly, without distinct punctures even posteriorly..L. (D.) alachuense

diaalafemmesepisternumside.JPG (67695 bytes)

24. Dorsal surface of propodeum reticulate, the posterior margin smooth and rounded...L. (D.) tarponense

diatarfempropodeumtop.JPG (55201 bytes)

Dorsal surface of propodeum smooth, almost completely devoid of striations or reticulations..L. (D.) tahitense

diatahfempropodeumtop.JPG (61725 bytes)

25. Scutum uniformly, closely punctate, interspaces not greatly exceeding diameter of punctures..L. (D.) miniatulum

Punctures of scutum well separated over median area, interspaces being fully twice diameter of punctures near center of disc...26

diaflafemaletop2.JPG (61198 bytes)

26. Dorsal face of propodeum striate only along basal margin, at least the apical half smooth, the margin rounded...L. (D.) flaveriae

diaflafemalepropodeum3.JPG (57045 bytes)

Dorsal face of propodeum striate or rugose in large part, only the apical margin smooth, if at all...27

27. Pleura distinctly punctate...L. (D.) oblongum

Pleura either impunctate, or with obscure or indefinite punctures visible only at certain angles...28

28.  Abdominal terga 3-5 densely ochraceous tomentose, obscuring the surface; pleura dull, densely tessellate, the punctures sparse, shallow and obscure..L. (D.) admirandum

Surface of tergum 3, at least, not obscured by tomentum; pleural punctures closer and more distinct..29

29. Abdominal terga uniformly dark, and entirely bare, except for their scattered, erect hairs..L. (D.) oblongum

Abdominal terga either yellowish apically or with basal tomentose areas or with scattered, appressed, plumose hairs that partially hide the surface...30

30. Abdominal terga 2 and 3 largely impunctate over apical half of disc, the impressed margin and an adjacent area smooth and impunctate...L. (D.) leviense

Discs of terga 2 and 3 with minute but rather distinct punctures extending to the apical margin...L. (D.) admirandum


No key is provided for males


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Dialictus) admirandum Sandhouse

County Records: Escambia, Franklin, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa

diaadm.jpg (73236 bytes)


Dates: March-Sept.


Notes: quite variable in color, hair, and pleura morphology according to Mitchell. No photos are available.


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Dialictus) alachuense Mitchell

County Records: Alachua, Levy, Lake, Okaloosa, Taylor

diaala.jpg (73568 bytes)


Dates: June-Sept.


Notes: Endemic to Florida/SE. Georgia

Female: diaalafemface.JPG (59491 bytes) diaalafemfaceside.JPG (62099 bytes) diaalafemtongue.JPG (44359 bytes) diaalafemvertex.JPG (59955 bytes) diaalafemwing.JPG (70878 bytes) diaalafemscutum.JPG (70555 bytes) diaalafemtegulae.JPG (58313 bytes) diaalafemscutellum.JPG (61885 bytes) diaalafempropodeumtop.JPG (75278 bytes) diaalafempropodeum.JPG (60189 bytes) diaalafemtergatop.JPG (51902 bytes) diaalafemterga3_6.JPG (52329 bytes) diaalafemtergaside.JPG (42065 bytes) diaalafemside.JPG (34215 bytes) diaalafemmesepisternumside.JPG (67695 bytes) diaalafembelow.JPG (48870 bytes)


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Dialictus) apopkense Robertson

County Records: Alachua, Liberty, Santa Rosa, Volusia

diaapo.jpg (73452 bytes)


Dates: Feb.-Oct.



Female: diapofemface.JPG (51132 bytes) diapofemmandible.JPG (51141 bytes) diapofemfaceside.JPG (50519 bytes) diapofemvertex.JPG (49843 bytes) diapofemscutum.JPG (50427 bytes) diapofemscutum2.JPG (57573 bytes) diapofemscutumclose.JPG (62658 bytes) diapofemscutumclose2.JPG (63152 bytes) diapofemtegulae.JPG (45278 bytes) diapofemscutellum.JPG (56638 bytes) diapofemtergatop.JPG (50286 bytes) diapofemtergaside.JPG (41322 bytes) diapofemside.JPG (40172 bytes) diapofemmesepisternumside.JPG (55403 bytes) 

Male: diaapomaleface.JPG (56676 bytes) diaapomalefaceside.JPG (54780 bytes) diaapomalevertex.JPG (54215 bytes) diaapomalewing.JPG (51369 bytes) diaapomalescutum.JPG (59920 bytes) diaapomalescutellum.JPG (60255 bytes) diaapomalepropodeumtop.JPG (69230 bytes) diaapomaleterga.JPG (52927 bytes) diaapomaleside.JPG (37788 bytes) diaapomalemesepisternumside.JPG (55083 bytes) diaapomalebelow.JPG (35607 bytes)


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Dialictus) brassicae Mitchell

County Records: none in FSCA; Alachua

diabra.jpg (72900 bytes)


Dates: April

Plants: Stachys floridana

Notes: Mitchell lists this species for Florida. No photos are available at this time.


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Dialictus) bruneri Crawford

County Records: Gadsden, Jackson, Levy, Liberty (also known from Lowndes Co., GA)

diabru.jpg (72446 bytes)


Dates: Feb.-Oct.



Female: diabrufemface.JPG (68934 bytes) diabrufemfaceside.JPG (59617 bytes) diabrufemlabrum.JPG (48670 bytes) diabrufemvertex.JPG (61520 bytes) diabrufemwing.JPG (67828 bytes) diabrufemtop.JPG (45944 bytes) diabrufemscutum.JPG (79704 bytes) diabrufemscutulleum.JPG (85390 bytes) diabrufempropodeumtop.JPG (79125 bytes) diabrufempropodeumrear.JPG (73050 bytes) diabrufemtergatop.JPG (55263 bytes) diabrufemterga3_6.JPG (62747 bytes) diabrufemtergaside.JPG (57346 bytes) diabrufemside.JPG (50518 bytes) diabrufemmesepisternumside.JPG (61353 bytes) diabrufembelow.JPG (53770 bytes) diabrufemfrcoxatrochanter.JPG (68524 bytes) diabrufemfrtrochanter.JPG (56745 bytes) diabrufemfrtrochanter2.JPG (57931 bytes) diabrufemfrtrochanter3.JPG (49607 bytes) diabrufemhypostomalcarina.JPG (34704 bytes) diabrufemhypostomalcarina2.JPG (48041 bytes) diabrufemhypostomalcarina3.JPG (60121 bytes) diabrufemhypostomeexcavation.JPG (47904 bytes) diabrufemhypostomeexcavation3.JPG (51668 bytes) 


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Dialictus) callidum (Sandhouse 1924)
[= versatum (Robertson 1902) of authors, e.g., Dialictus versatus sensu Mitchell, 1960; true L. versatum is a senior synonym of L. rohweri]

County Records: Leon, Wakulla

diaver.jpg (72675 bytes)


Dates: March-October (Mitchell)

Plants: polylectic

Notes: New state record for Florida. Previously known from as far south as Georgia.

Female: diaverfemface.JPG (74135 bytes) diaverfemfaceside.JPG (66502 bytes) diaverfemfront.JPG (41485 bytes) diaverfemlabrum.JPG (44766 bytes) diaverfemvertex.JPG (55957 bytes) diaverfemscutum.JPG (61466 bytes) diaverfemtegulaeclose.JPG (52467 bytes) diaverfemscutellum.JPG (70268 bytes) diaverfempropodeumrear.JPG (71264 bytes) diaverfempropodeumtop.JPG (64923 bytes) diaverfemtergaside.JPG (43663 bytes) diaverfemtergatop.JPG (53939 bytes) diaverfembelow.JPG (44891 bytes) diaverfemfrtrochanterexteriorview.JPG (55454 bytes) diaverfemfrtrochanterexteriorviewclose.JPG (62292 bytes) diaverfemfrtrochanterinteriorview.JPG (54366 bytes) diaverfemfrtrochanterinteriorview2.JPG (65049 bytes) diaverfemfrtrochanterinteriorviewclose.JPG (59618 bytes) diaverfemfrtrochanterinteriorview5.JPG (53999 bytes) diaverfemfrtrochanterinteriorview4.JPG (57483 bytes)

Male: diavermaleface.JPG (51644 bytes) diavermalefaceside.JPG (55080 bytes) diavermalevertex.JPG (53802 bytes) diavermalewing.JPG (48993 bytes) diavermalewing2.JPG (57459 bytes) diavermalescutum.JPG (72316 bytes) diavermaletegulae.JPG (52963 bytes) diavermalescutellum.JPG (68515 bytes) diavermalepropodeum.JPG (59235 bytes) diavermalepropodeumrear.JPG (73316 bytes) diavermaletergatop.JPG (51314 bytes) diavermalebelow.JPG (68111 bytes) 


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Dialictus) coreopsis Robertson

diacor.jpg (73311 bytes)

County Records: Alachua, Baker, Columbia, Escambia, Marion, Martin, Miami-Dade, Santa Rosa, Wakulla


Dates: nearly all year in Florida

Plants: Xyris sp., Rhexia sp., Croton linearis, Warea carteri, Lepidium virginicum, Satureja rigida, Opuntia humifusa, Galactia pinetorum, Liatris gracilis, Mikania batatifolia, Chrysopsis tracyi, and Solidago stricta (Graenicher 1927). Bidens alba, Samodia sp., Opuntia, Erigeron, Jacquemontia, Galactia, Cirsium (UM)


Female: diacorfemface.JPG (55018 bytes) diacorfemfaceoblique.JPG (44715 bytes) diacorfemmandible.JPG (54791 bytes) diacorfemfaceside.JPG (70339 bytes) diacorfemvertex.JPG (60537 bytes) diacorfemvertex2.JPG (60923 bytes) diacorfemwing.JPG (49599 bytes) diacorfemscutum.JPG (66621 bytes) diacorfemtegulae.JPG (65433 bytes) diacorfemscutum2.JPG (71263 bytes) diacorfempropodeumtop.JPG (69887 bytes) diacorfemtergatop.JPG (47013 bytes) diacorfemside.JPG (35238 bytes) diacorfemmesepisternumside.JPG (66036 bytes) 

Male: diacormaleface.JPG (62999 bytes) diacormaleface2.JPG (53124 bytes) diacormalemandible.JPG (43973 bytes) diacormalefaceside.JPG (62364 bytes) diacormalevertex.JPG (60500 bytes) diacormalewing.JPG (41045 bytes) diacormalescutum.JPG (80860 bytes) diacormalescutum2.JPG (73161 bytes) diacormalescutumclose.JPG (85010 bytes) diacormaletegulae.JPG (47543 bytes) diacormalepropodeumtop.JPG (71479 bytes) diacormalepropodeumtop2.JPG (76997 bytes) diacormaletergatop.JPG (46692 bytes) diacormaletergaside.JPG (49565 bytes) diacormalegenitaldorsal.JPG (41951 bytes) diacormalegenitalside.JPG (36969 bytes) diacormalegenitalventral.JPG (42982 bytes) diacormalegenitalventralclose.JPG (61818 bytes) diacormalemidrearlegs.JPG (40724 bytes) diacormaleside.JPG (41406 bytes) diacormalebelow.JPG (39200 bytes)


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Dialictus) creberrimum Smith (D. tamiamiense Mitchell is a synonym according to Eickwort)

County Records: Alachua, Collier, Highlands, Lake, Liberty, Miami-Dade, Polk, Monroe, Sarasota, Volusia

diacre.jpg (73711 bytes)

Locations: Key West

Dates: nearly all year in Florida

Plants: Solidago stricta


Female: diacrefemaleface.JPG (36804 bytes) diacrefemalelabrum.JPG (29144 bytes) diacrefemalemandible.JPG (37760 bytes) diacrefemalecheek.JPG (37031 bytes) diacrefemaleantenna.JPG (30088 bytes) diacrefemaleantenna2.JPG (22582 bytes) diacrefemalefrtrochanters.JPG (32591 bytes) diacrefemalefrontleg.JPG (36856 bytes) diacrefemalepleura.JPG (39482 bytes)

diacrefemalemid&rearlegs.JPG (36684 bytes) diacrefemalerearlegs.JPG (31123 bytes) diacrefemalevertex.JPG (43041 bytes) diacrefemalescutum.JPG (42647 bytes) diacrefemalescutellum.JPG (50799 bytes) diacrefemaletegula.JPG (43680 bytes) diacrefemaletegula2.JPG (50256 bytes) diacrefemalepropodeum.JPG (34302 bytes) diacrefemalepropodeum2.JPG (45275 bytes) diacrefemalepropodeum3.JPG (47883 bytes)

diacrefemalepropodeumclose.JPG (64506 bytes) diacrefemalepropodeumcloser.JPG (66654 bytes) diacrefemaleside.JPG (40014 bytes) diacrefemaleterga.JPG (31070 bytes) diacrefemaletergaclose.JPG (43033 bytes)

diacrefemalewing.JPG (29647 bytes) diacrefemalewing2.JPG (34640 bytes) 


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Dialictus) flaveriae Mitchell

County Records: Miami-Dade, Monroe

diafla.jpg (72695 bytes)

Locations: ENP, Big Pine Key

Dates: March 2-Aug. 29

Plants: Ardisia escallonioides (Pascarella 1997). Mikania, Flaveria linearis and Achranthes mecranthifolia (FSCA)

Notes: Endemic to S. Florida

Female: diaflafemaleface.JPG (32918 bytes) diaflafemaleface2.JPG (32587 bytes) diaflafemaleface3.JPG (45135 bytes) diaflafemalecheek.JPG (36267 bytes) diaflafemalemandibles.JPG (29160 bytes) diaflafemalemandibles2.JPG (26934 bytes) diaflafemaleface&scutum.JPG (57043 bytes) diaflafemalefrtrochanter.JPG (34190 bytes) diaflafemalehypostomalcarina.JPG (31637 bytes)

diaflafemalelegs.JPG (40083 bytes) diaflafemalelegs2.JPG (38606 bytes) diaflafemalewing.JPG (41410 bytes) diaflafemalewing2.JPG (37255 bytes) diaflafemalewing3.JPG (36460 bytes)

diaflafemalepropodeum.JPG (48115 bytes) diaflafemalepropodeum2.JPG (47668 bytes) diaflafemalepropodeum3.JPG (57045 bytes) diaflafemalepropodeum4.JPG (60752 bytes) diaflafemaleside.JPG (35713 bytes) diaflafemaleterga.JPG (44973 bytes) diaflafemaletop.JPG (52792 bytes) diaflafemaletop2.JPG (61198 bytes) diaflafemaletop4.JPG (39805 bytes)


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Dialictus) floridanum Robertson [= pilosum floridanum]

County Records: Alachua, Gadsden, Leon, Madison, Orange, Putnam, Volusia, Wakulla

diapil.jpg (72738 bytes)


Dates: Feb.-Oct. (Mitchell)



Female: diapilfemface.JPG (82926 bytes) diapilfemfaceside.JPG (60705 bytes) diapilfemlabrum.JPG (53425 bytes) diapilfemmandible.JPG (63949 bytes) diapilfemvertex.JPG (67849 bytes) diapilfemwing.JPG (45120 bytes) diapilfemscutum.JPG (74959 bytes) diapilfemscutellum.JPG (83037 bytes) diapilfemscutellum2.JPG (74848 bytes) diapilfemtegulae.JPG (78499 bytes) diapilfempropodeumtop.JPG (76540 bytes) diapilfempropodeumrear.JPG (72539 bytes) diapilfemtergatop.JPG (60234 bytes) diapilfempygidium.JPG (63259 bytes) diapilfembelow.JPG (50831 bytes) diapilfemmesepisternumside.JPG (67461 bytes) diapilfemside.JPG (46782 bytes)

Male: diapilmaleface.JPG (52009 bytes) diapilmaleface2.JPG (60599 bytes) diapilmalefaceside.JPG (53124 bytes) diapilmalelabrum.JPG (48734 bytes) diapilmalevertex.JPG (74478 bytes) diapilmalewing.JPG (50399 bytes) diapilmalescutum.JPG (78169 bytes) diapilmalescutum2.JPG (84434 bytes) diapilmaletegulae.JPG (73993 bytes) diapilmalescutellum.JPG (79914 bytes) diapilmalepropodeumtop.JPG (61723 bytes) diapilmalepropodeumrear.JPG (63522 bytes) diapilmaletergatop.JPG (57421 bytes) diapilmaletergaside.JPG (46572 bytes) diapilmaleside.JPG (34462 bytes) diapilmalebelow.JPG (55143 bytes) diapilmalemesepisternumside.JPG (69046 bytes) diapilmalemidrearlegs.JPG (32341 bytes) diapilmalegenitaldorsal.JPG (42554 bytes) diapilmalegenitalside.JPG (43396 bytes) diapilmalegenitalventral.JPG (43189 bytes)


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Dialictus) halophitum Graenicher

County Records: Miami-Dade, Monroe, Wakulla

diahal.jpg (73062 bytes)

Locations: Homestead, Big Pine Key


Plants: Borrichia arborescens, Acranthes mecranthifolia, Bacopa monnieri, Sesuvium maritinum (Graenicher); Acranthes mecranthifolia and Borrichia arborescens (FSCA). Achyranthes, Anthemis, Baccharis, Borrichia, Bacopa, Cirsium, Eupatorium, Euphorbia, Heliotropium, Mikania, Portulaca, Sesuvium, and Suriana (Mitchell); Sysrynchium, Crotalaria sp. (UM).

Notes: Found in coastal areas of mangrove and marsh

Female: diahalfemaleface.JPG (61900 bytes) diahalfemalefaceclose.JPG (94224 bytes) diahalfemalecheek.JPG (79588 bytes) diahalfemalemandible.JPG (53531 bytes) diahalfemalefrtrochanter.JPG (62745 bytes) diahalfemalefrtrochanter2.JPG (67934 bytes) diahalfemalehypostomalcarina.JPG (47779 bytes) diahalfemalevertex.JPG (92843 bytes) diahalfemalewing.JPG (50610 bytes)  diahalfemaletop.JPG (72640 bytes) diahalfemalescutum.JPG (93029 bytes) diahalfemaletegula.JPG (87785 bytes) diahalfemalescutellum.JPG (112394 bytes) diahalfemalepropodeum.JPG (94542 bytes) diahalfemalepropodeum2.JPG (94840 bytes) diahalfemalepropodeum3.JPG (90743 bytes) diahalfemaleterga.JPG (94643 bytes) diahalfemaleterga2.JPG (68040 bytes) diahalfemaletergaclose.JPG (95722 bytes) diahalfemaleleg.JPG (62843 bytes) diahalfemaleleg2.JPG (65603 bytes)

Male: diahalmaleface.JPG (60799 bytes) diahalmaleclypeus.JPG (71061 bytes) diahalmalecheek.JPG (43677 bytes) diahalmalefrtrochanter.JPG (37905 bytes) diahalmalehypostomalcarina.JPG (30254 bytes) diahalmalemandible.JPG (31987 bytes) diahalmalemandible2.JPG (27641 bytes) diahalmalevertex.JPG (97694 bytes) diahalmalewing.JPG (57927 bytes) diahalmalescutum.JPG (97140 bytes) diahalmalescutum2.JPG (82854 bytes) diahalmalescutum3.JPG (67135 bytes) diahalmalescutellum.JPG (57104 bytes) diahalmalepropodeum.JPG (36279 bytes) diahalmalepropodeum2.JPG (48661 bytes) diahalmaleterga.JPG (35729 bytes) diahalmalerearlegs.JPG (36243 bytes) diahalmalerearlegsclose.JPG (38197 bytes) diahalmaleside.JPG (37476 bytes)



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