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The Forgotten Pollinators

The Bees of the World

Bumblebees: behaviour and ecology

Solitary Wasps: Behavior and Natural History

The Conservation of Bees

Status of Pollinators in North America

Crop Pollination by Bees

Pollinator Conservation Handbook

Wasp Farm

The Lives of Wasps and Bees

Pollination with Mason Bees

Bees of the World

The Hunting Wasp

The World of the Wasp

Keeping the Bees

Bees, Wasps, and Ants

The Orchard Mason Bee

Managing Alternative Pollinators

Attracting Native Pollinators



The Worlds of Ants, Bees and Wasps

Mason Bees

Bee Basics

Solitary Wasps

The Pollinator's Corridor

On the Instincts and Habits of the Solitary Wasps

Nature's Partners-Pollinator Curriculum

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