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5/1/06 - Updated publications to include several new papers by Verena Bläske-Lietze and others, as well as Tracy Conklin's master's thesis.

Also of note: Audrey de Koning and Patrick Keeling have published the entire plastid genome sequence of Helicosporidium in BMC Biology (Vol. 4(1), pg 12)

5/13/05 - New galleries of the in vitro and in vivo development of helicosporidia have been added in the galleries section.

1/12/05 - New publications: Doctoral thesis of Aurélien Tartar Incertae Sedis no more: The phylogenetic affinity of Helicosporidia (~4MB ZIP file) and Pathogenesis of the Entomopathogenic Alga Helicosporidium spp. (Chlorophyta: Trebouxiophyceae) in Susceptible Noctuid Larvae by Verena-Ulrike Bläske and Drion G. Boucias.

In other news,Verena Bläske and Tracy Conklin submitted papers for the Entomological Society of America Meetings. The abstracts are available in the publications area. The slide-show presentation given by Tracy Conklin can be downloaded on the Presentations page. Verena Bläske's poster for the Diaprepes task force is also available on this page.

3/25/04 - Added pop-up windows for gallery links. Now you can view the high-quality image in a separate window. Also added a new publication by Aurélien Tartar and Drion G. Boucias: The non-photosynthetic, pathogenic green alga Helicosporidium sp. has retained a modifed, functional plastid genome.

3/5/04 - Made some changes to website navigation. We now have javascript pop-up windows for some of our links. If you have a pop-up blocker, watch out for them.