June 17, 1997

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Gainesville, Florida 32609
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Ray Everngam
Assistant Director, Communications
Entomological Society of America
9301 Annapolis Road
Lanham, MD 20706-3115

Dear Mr. Everngam:

This letter is in response to Tom Walker’s letter to me dated April 18 requesting a proposal for archiving ESA’s electronic journal article reprints on the facilities of the Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA).

Before addressing the specific issues raised in Tom’s letter, I need to point out that FCLA is part of the State University System (SUS) of Florida, and as library computer professionals in state higher education, our perspective is one of preserving scholarly information, rather than publishing as a commercial enterprise. As such, we are only interested in covering our costs, not making a profit. This perspective will be more obvious as I comment on the issues raised by Tom. An attachment to this letter explains FCLA in a bit more detail.

To turn to the issues raised by Tom, and taking them in the same order, we propose the following arrangements with ESA:

Sincerely yours,

James F. Corey

cc: Tom Walker, ESA Electronic Publication Implementation Committee
Gene Hemp, UF Vice Provost

This document is a slightly reformatted version of the original. It is posted with permission of the author.