Dataset of azimuths of migrating butterflies

Azimuths in this dataset include all those used in
     Walker, T.J., and R.C. Littell. 1994. Orientation of fall migrating butterflies in north peninsular Florida
     and source areas. Ethology 98(1): 60-84.

     and those that were to be used in
     Walker, T.J., and J.J. Whitesell. 20?? Changes in orientation of migrating butterflies crossing a transect
     near the Georgia-Florida border. (doing this no longer planned)

AzfileDataSet.doc  describes the structure of the dataset

These are the Excel97 spreadsheets here used to organize and present the dataset
     Azsites.xls  details of the 195 sites at which azimuths were taken

     AzfileIndex.xls  details of the 513 visits to sites at which azimuths were taken and summary tables

     azfile A.xls  6602 records, 24Sep82 to 19Oct84

     azfile B.xls  9006 records, 12Sep85 to 10Oct89

     azfile C.xls  1246 records, 01Sep90 to 15Sep91

     azfile W.xls  4685 records, 17Sep85 to 16Oct90