PowerPoint presentation on free Web access to scientific journals

From here you can download the slides used in a seminar at Texas A&M University, 9 March 2000.  I've written notes that explain the slides and put them in the PowerPoint presentation file; however, these are not accessible as you view the slides as an on-screen show, so I have made them available separately as well.

Note: Anyone interested in using any or all of the slides in this presentation may do so.

Presentation (with notes, but only in Notes Page View) [2970 KB]

Notes (html) [36 KB]

Notes (Word 97) [55 KB]


At two earlier seminars on the same subject [Florida State University Natural History Seminar (22 Oct 1999) and University of Florida Department of Entomology and Nematology Seminar (28 Oct 1999)], I handed out a questionnaire to determine what the participants thought about e-publication of journals and about ways that I suggested for researchers to promote free Web access to their articles.

Questionnaire on Web access, with results (PDF) [21 KB]