American Library Association talk

T. J. Walker, University of Florida (26 June 2004)

This talk describes how the Florida Entomological Society and the Entomological Society of America have taken different routes in addressing the transition from the traditional, paper-based system of journal publishing to one that is Web-based and free to all users. It was part of a session of the ACRL Science & Technology Section, during the 2004 summer conference of the American Library Association, Orlando, Florida.

Two routes to open access    [PowerPoint presentation; 1606 KB]

From the link above you can view or download the slides used in the talk. Explanatory notes are part of the PowerPoint presentation; however, these are not displayed if you view the slides as a Slide Show. To view the notes, download the PowerPoint presentation and view it in PowerPoint in the Notes Page View. Alternatively, you can download and print the notes from the link below and read them as you view the slides.

Explanatory notes    [PDF file; 28 KB]

Note: Anyone interested in using any or all of the slides in this presentation may do so.

Note: Handouts at the session gave additional information about the routes taken by the two societies: "Just do it!" and "Open access by the article".