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The Next Generation of Pest Management Professionals

Since 1993, the Urban Entomological Society (UES) at the University of Florida has united graduate and undergraduate students interested in furthering urban entomology. Most of our members conduct research that advances a scientific understanding of urban entomology issues that concern the pest management industry, government agencies, and public health. UES has served the pest management industry at local, state, and national events as a source of publications, insect teaching collections, and buggy apparel. All proceeds from our sales support the efforts of urban entomology students at the University of Florida. See the events section below to catch us on the road (or at home)!


SE Pest Management Conference

Gainesville, FL | May 1-3, 2017

FPMA in Paradise

Duck Key, FL | June 12-15, 2017

SW Pest Management Conference

Florida Southwestern State College | September 29, 2017

NPMA PestWorld

Baltimore, MD | October 24-27, 2017



Don Foster

Masters Student


Britton Simkins

Vice President | Undergraduate Research Assistant


Randy Buckley

Masters Student


Trudi Durgee

Secretary | Undergraduate Research Assistant


Tony Hughes

Ph.D. Student


Sierra Short

Masters Student


Luke Prescott

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Philip Koehler | pgk@ufl.edu
Dr. Roberto Pereira | rpereira@ufl.edu
Dr. Rebecca Baldwin | baldwinr@ufl.edu


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