02/17/11 - New turfgrass nematode management options for 2011

Received from:

Dr. Billy Crow
Department of Entomology and Nematology
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

Nortica: NorticaTM is a new turfgrass bionematicide from Bayer. The active ingredient in Nortica is the bacterium Bacillus firmus strain I-1582. This bacterium colonizes the root system of the turf and produces compounds that protect the root system from nematodes. Nortica is a wetable powder that dissolves fully in water. It is sprayed onto the turf surface and then moved into the soil with irrigation. University of Florida research has shown this bionematicide to be effective in protecting turfgrass roots from nematode damage when it is applied properly. However, timing is critical with this product to achieve good results. An application schedule map for Florida counties is available from Bayer Environmental Sciences that should be consulted when scheduling applications.

Multiguard Protect: Multiguard ProtectTM is a new turfgrass nematicide/fungicide from Agriguard with the active ingredient furfural. Multiguard Protect is an EC formulation that can be sprayed onto the turf and then moved into the soil with irrigation, or applied as a high-volume drench. Currently Multiguard Protect is labeled for use on golf course turf and sod farms. To date, University of Florida field trials with Multiguard Protect have had inconsistent results, but it has shown efficacy in some field experiments. UF research seeking to improve the consistency of Multiguard Protect is ongoing.

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