06/06/09 - Earthworm Information

Entomology & Nematology Dept., Bldg. 970
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Redworms, red wigglers, dewworms, nightcrawlers, earthworms, or just plain worms: everyone recognizes them, but most adults know little more about them than they did when they were about 12 years old. There are many reasons for wanting information about earthworms: gardeners want them to enhance their soil, fishermen grow them for bait, commercial growers produce more bait and use worms to recycle waste organic matter and sell the worm castings to sell as a rich soil amendment. Occasionally, someone simply becomes curious and wants to know more about the identification and biology of these most common and ignored of creatures. This report is offered to help Extension personnel give their clients some good places to start when they ask about earthworm identification, culture, pests and diseases, marketing, etc.

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