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Order Diplogasterida

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Order  Diplogasterida (After Maggenti, 1991)

The labia are seldom well developed; however, a hexaradiate symmetry is distinct. The external circle of labial sensilla may appear setose but they are always short, never long and hairlike. The stoma may be slender and elongate or spacious or any gradation between these two. The stoma may be armed or unarmed; the armature may be movable teeth, fossores, or a pseudostylet. The corpus is always muscled and distinct from the postcorpus that is divisible into an isthmus and glandular posterior bulb. The metacorpus is almost always valved. The female reproductive system may have one or two ovaries and males may or may not have caudal alae; however, a gubernaculum is always present. The male tail most commonly has nine pairs of caudal papillae; three are preanal and six are caudal.

A-  Some Morphological Characters
B-  Classification
C-   Identification of genera

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