NEM 6101 Spring 2005

Khuong B. Nguyen 2220 ENY (392-1901 ext 193)

 Nematode Morphology and Anatomy


General course objective:

We will learn detailed morphology and anatomy of nematodes, emphasizing features that form the basis of identification and classification.

 Lecture schedule (tentative)

Thursday 12:50-1:40 pm (Period 6)

Room 2217 ENY  (Building 970)

January     6        Cuticular marking

January   13        Cuticle: construction & permeability; general morphology

January   20        Hypodermis and somatic musculature

January   27        Lip region and stoma: general

February   3        Stoma: Cecernentea

February  10       Stoma: Adenophorea

February  17       Esophagus: Secernentea

February  24       Esophagus: Adenophorea

 March       3      Midterm examination

March      10      Intestine and posterior gut

March      17      Secretory/excretory system

March      24      Nervous system

March      31     Reproductive system

 Lab  exam

 Final exam

Text book:

Bird, A. F and J. Bird 1991. The structure of Nematodes, second edition. Academic Press.


Midterm exam:                                            30%

Final exam:                                                  30%

Lab practical exam                                      30%

Written report and oral presentation            10%

Grading scale (%)

90-100                                                  A

88-89                           B+

80-87                           B

78-79                                                      C+

70-77                                                      C

60-69                                                      D

<60                              E


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