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Submission and Linking Policy

Send news as you would like it to appear in the newsletter. For formatting of citations or news items please refer to earlier editions. The editor will review the news for typos but he is not responsible for generating your content.

To submit content, please visit this Qualtrics Link.

When did it happen?

We would like to share news and video when it happens using our social media outlets- Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. When you send news we will post it on one of these sites and again in the monthly newsletter.

The simple policy for submitting items to be included in the newsletter is "after the fact." If you received an award, published a paper, gave a presentation, etc., please submit it after it happened.

The only exception is to provide information (What. When. Where.) on meetings or events that are taking place in the future, such as an FES, ESA or other professional meetings; outreach events; workshops and seminars; new courses; etc. This alerts people to the event and helps with registration, if required. If you have an event you want announced please tell us at least 2 weeks before the event.

Linking to you~

This newsletter is provided in HTML format only. I also try to add links to sites that cover or explain arthropods; diseases; orgranizations that provide grants, scholarships, etc.; or other useful information, such as copies of online papers.

To prevent the newsletter from appearing clogged with links I try to link only once each issue to a person or organization. If your name, paper or organization is not linked and you wish it to be, please provide me with the link when you submit the news. In addition, if you provide links after the issue goes online, I will go back and add links to the newsletter.

We do not link to commercial sites. Exceptions are news organizations that provide information on arthropods that the editor feels is relevant or timely.

-Randy Fernandez, newsletter editor