08/26/98 Entomology and Nematology News
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"Thus the dragonfly enters upon a more nobler life than that it had hitherto led in the water for in the latter it was obliged to live in misery, creeping and swimming slowly, but now it wings the air."

- Jan Swammerdam


Dr. Jerry Butler was recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Livestock Insect Workers of North America in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (June 23, 1998). This award was based on his outstanding contributions to the livestock industry in research and teaching.

At the beginning of this month, Dr. John Capinera won the "Entomologist of the Year" and the "Annual Achievement Award for Extension" at the annual Florida Entomological Society meeting.

Also in early August, Dr. Paul (Skip) Choate won the "Annual Achievement Award for Teaching in Higher Education" at the annual Florida Entomological Society meeting.

Juan Manual Alvarez was awarded a scholarship ($500) from the Florida Entomological Society, as well as a grant in aid for his research. Unfortunately, he was unable to be at the meeting due to surgery on his knee. He hopes to be tap dancing again soon, however.

Dr. Pauline Lawrence was recently awarded a $10,000 grant from the National Science Foundation in support of undergraduate student research. She also received a $25,000 grant from the Florida Department of Citrus for her work on the egg-pupal parasite Biosteres arisanus as a potential biocontrol agent for the Caribbean fruit fly, Anastrepha suspensa.


Many Thanks For Your Card --- A Year Later

"T'was a balmy summer evening" when
my cluttered desk I viewed
with grim resolve and stamina,
I donned a "cleanup" mood.

It was then I rediscovered last year's
notes in scrawed array
"GET WELL" you folks had written
at SHANDS where I did lay.

As I read your good-will messages, as
your words I did appraise
Each one of you with special thoughts,
my spirits had helped to raise.

Your card is a prized possession,
in my scrapbook of items dear
It will enrich my memory,
throughout the coming year.

My thanks for your past wishes, I hope
you're free from strife
May the good LORD be your constant
through the roadblocks in your life.

-Armen Charles Tarjan


Dr. Phil Koehler, Tom Fasulo and students Dini Miller and Cara Congdon attended the Georgia Pest Control Association's Summer Meetings at Destin, Florida, July 22-25. Koehler spoke on wood destroying organisms and Miller spoke on her cockroach bait research. Fasulo and Congdon manned the departmental booth which attracted a lot of attention due to the manuals and the new computer training and CEU tutorials our department has released. Koehler began his talk with a series of Gator-Bull Dawg jokes and only escaped serious injury because the Georgia PCOs were afraid to come near his loud tie.

The Homestead Entomology Group (Tropical Research and Education Center) was well represented at the 81st Florida Entomological Society Meetings with Davina Amalin, Rodelay Betancourt, Julieta Brambila, Rita Duncan, Holly Glenn, Adrian Hunsberger, Waldemar Klassen, Wendy Meyer, Jorge Pena, Dak Seal, and Teresa Vasquez, attending. Travel grants were received by Divina and Wendy. A research mini-grant was received by Divina and Wendy received an FES scholarship.


Dr. Marjorie A. Hoy presented a paper, "Provisional IPM Program for the citrus leafminer in Nurseries", which represented the Ph.D. thesis research of the co-author, Dr. Juan Villanueva-Jimenez. Dr. Villanueva-Jimenez is back home in Mexico. His address is: Juan A. Villanueva Jimenez, Profesor Investigador Asociado, Campus Veracruz, Colegio de Postgraduados, Apdo.Postal 421, 94294 Veracruz, Ver. Mexico. Tel. and Fax: (52) (29) 34-94-85.


Dr. John Allen had triple by-pass surgery on Wednesday, August 19. The word is that it all went very well and he is doing fine.



The white-footed ant is on the move in Florida. It has now been identified in Orange county. Dr. Tom Weissling, of the University of Florida's Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center is requesting assistance in monitoring the spread of this pest. He has posted a file in pest alert with information on the white-footed ant and links to a WWW site he has under construction. Pest Alert is available on the WWW.


The department has released two new CD-ROMs on insects: MCricket and Pest In and Around the Home. The MCricket CD-ROM replaces the DOS version previously sold by IFAS. The authors are Dr. Howard Frank, Tom Fasulo and Dr. Don Short. This version was completely redesigned and updated. Numerous full-color photographs, especially of parastoids, predators and pathogens, also were added.

Pests In and Around the Home CD-ROM is based on the second edition of the best-selling manual. The authors are Dr. Phil Koehler, Dr. Don Short and Tom Fasulo. The knowledgebase covers pesticides and buying pest control services; pests of food, fabric, and wood; biting and stinging insects; and lawn and landscape insects. There are over 150 line drawings and 300 color photographs. Each CD has thousands of links to scientific definitions.

Matt Dowey and Everett Yang, who work for Fasulo, were the main computer specialists who worked on these CDs. Skip Choate took the photo of the mole cricket that graces the jewel case cover of the MCricket CD and the main menu screen of that knowledgebase. Jane Medley and Tom Fasulo designed the jewel cases and Jane created the beautiful graphics on the discs themselves. The MCricket CD-ROM, with some minor differences, is a copy of the MCricket WWW site. The Pests In and Around the Home CD-ROM has no cooresponding WWW site.


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When submitting Featured Creatures to Tom Fasulo, please don't submit them in a Microsoft Word 97 format. Tom's utility that recognizes scores of fileformats, and even opens up Mac disks and reads Mac files, won't recognize Word 97 files. But then Word 95 won't recognize Word 97 files either. So Tom has to find a PC with Word 97 on it and convert the file. While almost any other format is acceptable, Tom would appreciate receiving files in WordPerfect or .rtf formats. Thank you.


ENSO (Entomology and Nematology Student Organization) T-shirts are still available at the main office. If interested contact Deanna Branscome (352) 392-2326.

Upcoming ENSO events: Aug 26th (Wed) Pizza party at 12 PM room 1015

Fundraising: ENSO needs 1-2 people to help sell Lemon Chill at the Gator Football games. The first game is on September 5th at 6:00PM and volunteers should plan to get there by 4:00 PM.

Two insect collections were sent to Certified Pest Control and to Bayer. The collection sent to Certified Pest Control was completed entirely by Tim McCoy, Dini Miller, and Jerry Gahlhoff. The collection to Bayer was completed by a joint effort of ENSO members.

Hussein Sanchez-Arroyo spent a lot of time pinning roaches. He pinned and with Jerry Gahlhoff's help mounted three collections that will be sent to Walt Disney, McCall Services, and Peninsular. We would like to thank Hussein for his contribution to ENSO so that we can continue providing travel grants and having fun events like pizza parties, tubing trips, and socials.

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