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Our desire is to transfer the knowledge and techniques developed through our research to Florida fruit and vegetable growers. We have attempted to provide an overview of the work that is being conducted by our research group. Many of our projects are in a developing mode and therefore are being continuously updated. We hope that you will find the site informative and that you will give us your personal feedback so that we can continue to improve it.

Long Term Goals

To cooperate with fruit and vegetable industries, researchers and extension personnel to develop, propose and deliver IPM programs that will reduce growers' reliance on pesticides and protect the environment. The focus of our research is to understand the behavioral and ecological factors affecting the management of key fruit and vegetable pests and to develop sound ecologically-based pest management programs.


New article written by Dr. Liburd:

Blueberry Gall Midge Monitoring and Management a Must

New article written by Dr. Liburd and graduate student Lindsy Iglesias:

Spotted Wing Drosophila: Pest Management Recommendations for Florida Blueberries

New papers published by Dr. Oscar Liburd's lab:

Effect of Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae), on Marketable Yields of Field-Grown Strawberries in North-Central Florida

Parasitism of Dasineura oxycoccana (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) in North Central Florida for Florida Blueberries

Species Composition, Monitoring, and Feeding Injury of Stink Bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) in Blackberry


Dr. Liburd was invited to discuss blueberry pest management including the management of Spotted wing Drosophila with Dr. Ron Cave.




Principal Investigator

Dr. Liburd examines blueberries

Oscar E. Liburd, Ph.D.

Fruit & Vegetable IPM Specialist
Department of Entomology & Nematology
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