Staff includes Lois Wood (Senior Biologist and Lab Manager), Mark Halvorsen, Corie Singer, and Derrick Conover.

Here are some photos of lab members, past and present, both staff and students. (Former staff members: Dr. Rajinder Mann (Post-Doc), Rebecca (Becky) Hamel, Audrey Newman, Matt Geden, Sonia Nunez).

Lois & fly trap   Raj spraying
Lois counting flies on a trap
Raj preparing a bioassay
Matt counting dung beetles
Mike   Becky
Mike (graduated MS student) collecting a cupful of (something)
Becky working at a woodland field site, unintentionally feeding a mosquito on her cheek
  3 techs  
Sonia, Audrey and Lois setting up a dung beetle experiment
Pete (PhD graduate) inspecting an oviposition can trap

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