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Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab

Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab

Master Beekeeper Program

Program mission:

To improve honey bee health and the sustainability of beekeeping globally through beekeeper training and public outreach.

In working towards this overall mission, the UF MBP has two specific goals for program participants. Beekeepers in the UF MBP will:

  1. learn and adopt research-based beekeeping best management practices, and 
  2. provide research-based education to the non-beekeeping public and serve as mentors to new beekeepers.
  • MBP Online

    The UF/IFAS Master Beekeeper Program (MBP) is transitioning to an online program! The Apprentice (level 1) and Advanced (level 2) Beekeeper courses are currently available.

    To join the program, you simply register for the Apprentice Beekeeper course. All participants in the program must start at the Apprentice level, regardless of beekeeping experience. While you do NOT need any beekeeping experience to start the Apprentice course, you must have been beekeeping for a year before you can officially become an Apprentice Beekeeper. You are encouraged to begin this course before you ever get your first hive of bees (although this is not necessary). All levels of beekeeping experience are welcome. 

    Read the Online MBP Program Requirements

    MBP Apprentice Flier

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  • Traditional MBP

    The UF MBP has historically been structured around two in-person training and testing days annually. Beekeepers who started in the MBP in this in-person format must continue to progress in the program according to the UF MBP Requirements. The in-person format is still available only for the highest three levels of the program (Advanced, Master, and Master Craftsman).

    Next In-Person Testing: Thursday, March 5, 2020. NOTE: this is the last time that in-person testing for the Advanced level will be held! Any Apprentice Beekeepers in the traditional, face-to-face MBP who do not test on this date, may be required to start the program over at the Apprentice level with the new online course. Master and Master Craftsman tests will also be held at this time.

    Register for the MBP Testing Day

    Read the traditional MBP requirements here: UF Master Beekeeper Program Requirements (IN PERSON VERSION)

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