Subgenus Perdita (5 taxa) and unassigned species (1 sp.)

Key to taxa of subgenus Perdita and unassigned male of P. krombeini


  1. Abdominal maculations very small and inconspicuous or entirely lacking, if present, limited to terga 2 and 3….2
  2. ----Abdominal terga 2-4 with distinct yellowish or whitish, lateral maculations….3

    perbrafemtergatop.JPG (45202 bytes) peroctfemtergatop.JPG (53382 bytes) perconconfemtergatop.JPG (49303 bytes)

  3. Face, including clypeus, entirely dark; clypeus protuberant, nearly as long as broad; mandibles bright yellow…P. halictoides
  4. ----Clypeus more or less extensively cream colored; large (7mm); clypeus whitish in large part, dark along upper margin; lateral facial maculae broad but very small.. P. gerardiae

  5. Thorax entirely lacking maculations, but front tibiae with an anterior yellow stripe…P. bradleyi (Alloperdita-lacking intercalary cell).
  6. perbrafemfront.JPG (36218 bytes) perbrafemscutum.JPG (53549 bytes)

    ---Tubercles and pair of spots on pronotal collar bright yellow…4.

    perconconfemscutum.JPG (54027 bytes) peroctfemscutum2.JPG (66456 bytes)

  7. Fifth abdominal terga without maculae, and scape entirely dark…P. octomaculata
  8. peroctfemscape.JPG (52172 bytes) peroctfemtergatop.JPG (53382 bytes)

    ----Fifth abdominal terga conspicuously maculated, and scape yellow anteriorly…5

    perconconfemtergatop.JPG (49303 bytes) perconconfemface.JPG (55219 bytes)

  9. Supraclypeal area dark or with a pair of small, yellow spots, and clypeus with a pair of rather large, elongate, oblique, dark bands..P. consobrina consobrina

perconconfemface.JPG (55219 bytes)

----Supraclypeal area yellow, the facial maculae larger, broadly truncate above, and clypeus almost entirely yellow, the dark bands reduced…P. consobrina lepida


  1. Abdomen dark, with at most one pair of very small and inconspicuous pale maculae…2
  2. perhalmaletergatop.JPG (57595 bytes)

    ---Abdomen conspicuously maculated….4

    perconconmaletergatop.JPG (49501 bytes)

  3. Larger (6mm); supraclypeal area not maculated; clypeus and face marks ivory, the latter filling area between clypeus and each eye, abruptly truncate above and not extending above upper margin of clypeus…P. gerardiae
  4. ----Smaller; supraclypeal area maculated; clypeus largely yellow; facial maculae filling area between clypeus and eyes, and extending nearly or quite to level of antennae…3

    perhalmaleface.JPG (46291 bytes)

  5. Face broad, eyes slightly divergent below; facial maculae ending acutely on eye margin slightly above level of antennae…P. halictoides
  6. perhalmaleface.JPG (46291 bytes)

    --Face not so broad, eyes subparallell; facial maculae broadly truncate above, ending at level of lower margin of antennal fossa….P. krombeini

  7. Supraclypeal and subantennal area largely greenish…P. octomaculata
  8. ----Entire face below level of antenna yellow or ivory….5

    perconconmaleface.JPG (52079 bytes)

  9. Scutum polished, with sparse, minute punctures….P. bradleyi (Alloperdita lacking intercalary cell).
  10. perbramalescutum.JPG (52444 bytes)

    ----Scutum densely tessellate…6

    perconconmalescutum.JPG (70358 bytes)

  11. Transverse yellow maculae well developed on terga 1-4…P. consobrina consobrina

perconconmaletergatop.JPG (49501 bytes)

----Maculae well developed only on terga 2-3….P. consbrina lepida


Andrenidae: Perdita (Perdita) consobrina consobrina Timberlake

County Records: Alachua, Okaloosa

perconcon.gif (18594 bytes)


Dates: Sept. 23-Oct. 18; Sept.: 2, Oct:4

Plant: Dalea, Chrysopsis, Agalinis, Happlopappus, and Heterotheca

Notes: Also found in N. and S. Carolina, probably intervening areas of Georgia also. New state record for Florida. Not previously known from state.

Female: perconconfemface.JPG (55219 bytes) perconconfemvertex.JPG (59479 bytes) perconconfemwing.JPG (47426 bytes) perconconfemtop.JPG (41780 bytes) perconconfemscutum.JPG (54027 bytes) perconconfemscutellum.JPG (61989 bytes) perconconfemtergatop.JPG (49303 bytes) perconconfemtergaside.JPG (47881 bytes) perconconfemside.JPG (42467 bytes) perconconfemmesepisternum.JPG (65694 bytes) perconconfemscopa.JPG (45837 bytes) 

Male: perconconmaleface.JPG (52079 bytes) perconconmalefaceside.JPG (42604 bytes) perconconmalefaceside2.JPG (42053 bytes) perconconmalelabrum.JPG (42177 bytes) perconconmalevertex.JPG (54384 bytes) perconconmalewing.JPG (49062 bytes) perconconmaletop.JPG (41070 bytes) perconconmalescutum.JPG (70358 bytes) perconconmalescutellum.JPG (70277 bytes) perconconmaletergatop.JPG (49501 bytes) perconconmaletergatop2.JPG (50804 bytes) perconconmaleside.JPG (38611 bytes) perconconmaleside2.JPG (35569 bytes) perconconmalemesepisternumside.JPG (44526 bytes)


Andrenidae: Perdita (Perdita) consobrina lepida Timberlake

County Records: Palm Beach, Pinellas

perconlep.gif (18550 bytes)

Locations: Dunedin, Lake Worth

Dates: Sept 24


Notes: endemic to Florida, Sept.-November


Andrenidae: Perdita (Perdita) gerardiae Crawford

County Records: None from FSCA, Jefferson Co. (Buchmann and Donovan)

Perger.gif (17745 bytes)


Dates: Sept-Oct.

Plant: Agalinis (=Gerardia )

Notes: North Carolina to Florida to Mississipi, apparently a coastal plain species, specialist on Agalinis (False Foxglove), which are primarily summer-fall flowering plants.


Andrenidae: Perdita (Perdita) halictoides Smith

County Records: Miami-Dade, Volusia

Perhal.gif (18137 bytes)


Dates: July 24

Plant: Mitchell lists only Physalis

Notes: This species is highly disjunct, with populations from Florida and other populations known only from Michigan and Wisconsin (or these populations should be known as P. maura) and thus the species would be an endemic species. Graenicher recorded this species from Coral Gables, FL.

Male: perhalmaleface.JPG (46291 bytes) perhalmaleclypeus.JPG (37746 bytes) perhalmaletongueside.JPG (39919 bytes) perhalmalevertex.JPG (49558 bytes) perhalmalescutum.JPG (60281 bytes) perhalmalepropodeum.JPG (61417 bytes) perhalmaletergatop.JPG (57595 bytes) perhalmaleside.JPG (39828 bytes) perhalmalemesepisternumside.JPG (56814 bytes) 


Andrenidae: Perdita (Perdita) octomaculata Say

County Records: Clay

Peroct.gif (17061 bytes)


Dates: Sept. 15-Oct. 22, Sept: 1, Oct: 3

Plant: Mostly composites according to Timberlake.

Notes: new state record for this species, Mitchell did not list if from Florida. Timberlake did not have specimens from Florida either.

Female: peroctfemface.JPG (43527 bytes) peroctfemclypeusside.JPG (40046 bytes) peroctfemfaceside.JPG (45070 bytes) peroctfemlabrum.JPG (37861 bytes) peroctfemscape.JPG (52172 bytes) peroctfemvertex.JPG (60989 bytes) peroctfemwing.JPG (44364 bytes) peroctfemtop.JPG (39401 bytes) peroctfemscutum.JPG (48714 bytes) peroctfemscutum2.JPG (66456 bytes) peroctfemscutellum.JPG (63758 bytes) peroctfemtergatop.JPG (53382 bytes) peroctfemside.JPG (30669 bytes) peroctfemmesepisternumside.JPG (49901 bytes) peroctfemscopa.JPG (41868 bytes) peroctfemscopa2.JPG (34549 bytes) peroctfemscopa3.JPG (41554 bytes) 



Species listed for Florida, not in the FSCA, not assigned to a subgenus

Andrenidae: Perdita krombeini Timberlake

County Records: Lee

Locations: Olga, on sand flats

Dates: March 30


Notes: only 1 male collected, no other specimens seen. Related to P. sphaeralceai, P. calloleuca, P. tarda, and P. sidae of the Southwestern United States. Very rare?