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Family Melittidae Schenck(2 taxa)

    This family consists of andreniform short-tongued bees. The family has a mix of characteristics of short-tongued and long-tongued bees. Two subfamilies, each with one genera with one species, are found in Florida, Melitta and Hesperapis. These are ground-nesting bees. Both appear to be oligolectic. 

Key to Subfamilies (From Michener 2000)

Paraglossa largely bare, usually markedly shorter than suspensorium, its hairs largely limited to apex, or paraglossa absent; forewing with two submarginal cells, second usually shorter than first; first submarginal crossvein usually more or less at right angles to longitudinal veins and usually close to recurrent vein; non cocoon spinning larvae..Dasypodinae

Paraglossa densely hairy; forewing with 2 or 3 submarginal cells, second (if only 2) or second plus third as long as or longer than first; first submarginal crossvein slanting, usually well separated from first recurrent vein; larvae spin cocoons...Melittinae

Subfamily Dasypodainae Borner

Tribe Dasypodaini Borner

Genus Hesperapis, one species.

Melittidae: Hesperapis oraria Snelling and Stage

County Records: Bay, Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Walton

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Dates: late September-early October

Plants: specialist on Balduina angustifolia (Asteraceae).

Notes: Found only on beach dunes,  Endemic to Gulf coastal barrier islands of Florida and Alabama. No photos available at this time.


Subfamily Melittinae Schenk

Genus Melitta, one species.

Mellitidae: Melitta americana Smith

County Records: Alachua, Baker, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Liberty, Suwanee

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Dates: March 7-May 25; March: 1, April: 10, May: 4

Plants: This species is an oligolege on Vaccinium.

Notes: This represents a new state record for Florida. Previously, this species had been collected as far south as Georgia (Mitchell 1960).


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