Subgenus Hexaperdita (7 species including 3 endemic species, 4 species fall flying)

Key to Hexaperdita. Modified from Mitchell (1960) and Timberlake (1954)


  1. Abdomen entirely dark, without pale maculations, or with at most a single pair of widely separated and very small spots on tergum 2…………2
  2. pergeofemtergatop.JPG (47288 bytes) pernubfemtergatop.JPG (55548 bytes) perbolchrfemtergatop2.JPG (62092 bytes)

    --Abdomen usually with whitish or yellowish transverse spots or bands…..5

    perbishfemtergatop.JPG (66502 bytes) perblafemterga1_3.JPG (70152 bytes)

  3. Dorsum of thorax rather densely covered with short, erect , plumose, ochraceous pubescence; facial maculae extending narrowly up to eye margin level to antennae….P. georgica
  4. pergeofemscutum.JPG (67079 bytes) pergeofemface.JPG (50235 bytes)

    -----Pubescence of dorsum of thorax less dense and more whitish; facial maculae not reaching above upper margin of clypeus…..3.

    perbishfemscutum2.JPG (72515 bytes)  perbolchrfemscutum.JPG (57725 bytes) pernubfemscutum.JPG (51322 bytes) perbishfemface.JPG (55725 bytes) perbolchrfemface3.JPG (58642 bytes) pernubfemface.JPG (49774 bytes)

  5. Wings hyaline or nearly so, veins brownish-testaceous…..4
  6. perbishfemwing2.JPG (52095 bytes) perbolchrfemwing.JPG (43057 bytes)

    ---Wings milky-white, veins and stigma nearly colorless….P. nubila

    pernubfemwing.JPG (34279 bytes)

  7. Clypeus entirely yellow; mandibles and labrum mostly yellow; facial maculae largely filling space between clypeus and eyes…….P. bishoppi
  8. perbishfemface.JPG (55725 bytes)

    -----Clypeus dark in part; mandibles and labrum dark; facial maculae small, not nearly filling space between clypeus and eyes….P. boltoniae chrysopsina

    perbolchrfemface3.JPG (58642 bytes) perbolchrfemmandible.JPG (52762 bytes)

  9. Abdominal terga 2-4 with conspicuous, lateral, transverse, yellow maculae, those on 2 only slightly separated medially….P. graenicheri
  10. -----Abdominal maculations limited to terga 2 and 3, and either very narrow and inconspicuous, or widely separated….6

    perbishfemtergatop.JPG (66502 bytes) perblafemterga1_3.JPG (70152 bytes)

  11. Lateral facial maculae extending narrowly along eye margin to level of antennae; clypeus with dorso-lateral dark areas…7
  12. perblafemface.JPG (53784 bytes)

    -----Facial maculae whitish, reduced, not extending above upper margin of clypeus; clypeus usually entirely whitish…..P. bishoppi

    perbishfemface.JPG (55725 bytes)

  13. Wings milky-white, stigma very pale yellow, and veins nearly colorless…P. foveata

----Wings hyaline, veins relatively dark, brownish, or testaceous……P. blatchleyi

perblafemwing.JPG (49612 bytes)


  1. Cheeks below tuberculate or spinose…2
  2. perbismalefaceside.JPG (52606 bytes) perblamalefaceside.JPG (57438 bytes) perbolchrmalefaceside.JPG (53235 bytes) pernubmalefaceside.JPG (44717 bytes)

    ----Cheeks at most only slightly tuberculate….5

  3. Entire clypeus and conspicuous lateral facial maculae pale yellow….P. bishoppi
  4. perbismaleface.JPG (52201 bytes)

    Either the clypeus dark in part, or facial maculae absent…3

    perbolchrmalemandible.JPG (50273 bytes) pernubmaleface.JPG (42320 bytes)

  5. Head unusually large, much broader than thorax, cheeks swollen, much broader than eyes, with a rounded angle above and the lower angle produced and founded…P. foveata
  6. Head only slightly broader than thorax, if at all; ventral angle of cheek more distinctly tuberculate or spinose…4

    perbolchrmalescutum.JPG (57593 bytes) pernubmalescutum.JPG (46649 bytes) perbolchrmalefaceside.JPG (53235 bytes) pernubmalefaceside.JPG (44717 bytes)

  7. Clypeus more yellow, face with small but distinct lateral maculations adjacent to clypeus; scape rufo-testaceous or yellow; wings milky-white; femora and tibia more piceous, markedly contrasting with the yellow tarsal segments….P. nubila
  8. pernubmaleface.JPG (42320 bytes) pernubmalewing.JPG (36969 bytes) pernubmaleside.JPG (34567 bytes)

    -----Clypeus darker, sometimes without yellow; lateral facial maculations usually absent; scape piceous or blackish……P. boltoniae chrysopsina

    perbolchrmalemandible.JPG (50273 bytes) perbolchrmaleface.JPG (55734 bytes)

  9. Cheeks much broader than eyes, more or less angulate below; clypeus ivory, the lateral maculae broad and extensive, ending acutely on eye margin at level of antennae…P. georgica

----Cheeks rounded posteriorly, usually but little broader than eyes; abdomen dark, with at most one pair of very small and inconspicuous pale maculae; some portions of face below level of antennae dark; lower half of clypeus yellow, the upper half dark; lateral facial maculae absent (According to Norden et al (1992), some males do have tuberculate cheeks!)..P. graenicheri.


Andrenidae: Perdita (Hexaperdita) bishoppi bishoppi Cockerell

County Records: Alachua, Levy, St. Johns

Perbis.gif (17874 bytes)

Locations: Ponte Vedra Beach

Dates: Oct. 12-Nov. 24, October:1, November: 4

Plant: Heterotheca subaxillaris; Mitchell lists Heterotheca and Isopappus (=Croptilon)

Notes: Coastal plain species-North Carolina-Florida-Texas; Flies Aug.-Oct.

Female: perbishfemface.JPG (55725 bytes) perbishfemface2.JPG (48831 bytes) perbishfemclypeus.JPG (57347 bytes) perbishfemtongue2.JPG (47330 bytes) perbishfemtongue.JPG (51069 bytes) perbishfemfaceside.JPG (55655 bytes) perbishfemvertextop.JPG (68540 bytes) perbishfemwing.JPG (44940 bytes) perbishfemwing2.JPG (52095 bytes) perbishfemtop.JPG (52312 bytes) perbishfemscutum.JPG (62967 bytes) perbishfemscutum2.JPG (72515 bytes) perbishfemtergatop.JPG (66502 bytes) perbishfemtergatop2.JPG (59897 bytes) perbishfempygidium.JPG (50930 bytes) perbishfembelow.JPG (45597 bytes) perbishfemmesepisternumside.JPG (59897 bytes) perbishfemscopa.JPG (47159 bytes) perbishfemscopa2.JPG (52726 bytes) perbishfemscopaclose.JPG (67046 bytes) 

Male: perbismaleface.JPG (52201 bytes) perbismalefaceside.JPG (52606 bytes) perbismalefaceside2.JPG (53158 bytes) perbismalefaceside3.JPG (55071 bytes) perbismaleclypeus.JPG (57196 bytes) perbismalepronotumtop.JPG (47474 bytes) perbismalepronotumside.JPG (60173 bytes) perbismalepronotumside2.JPG (46290 bytes) perbismalepronotumsideclose.JPG (65661 bytes) perbismalevertex.JPG (55040 bytes) perbismalewing.JPG (49850 bytes) perbismalewing2.JPG (35428 bytes) perbismaletop.JPG (46259 bytes) perbismaletop2.JPG (45650 bytes) perbismaletop3.JPG (40113 bytes) perbismalescutum.JPG (54595 bytes) perbismalescutellum.JPG (62392 bytes) perbismalepropodeum.JPG (58882 bytes) perbismaleterga1.JPG (62401 bytes) perbismaleterga3_5.JPG (52269 bytes) perbismalepygidium.JPG (37472 bytes) perbismaleside.JPG (42606 bytes) perbismaletarsalclaw.JPG (55288 bytes) 


Andrenidae: Perdita (Hexaperdita) blatchleyi Timberlake

County Records: Alachua, Orange, Pinellas, Wakulla

Perbla.gif (18071 bytes)

Locations: Winter Park, Dunedin

Dates: Oct. 12-Nov. 1, Oct: 1. Nov:1

Plant: Chrysopsis

Notes: Endemic to Florida. Flies Oct-Nov.

Female: perblafemface.JPG (53784 bytes) perblafemclypeus.JPG (52908 bytes) perblafemtongue.JPG (32995 bytes) perblafemvertex.JPG (55746 bytes) perblafemwing.JPG (49612 bytes) perblafempronotum.JPG (58484 bytes) perblafemscutum.JPG (67256 bytes) perblafemscutellum.JPG (65471 bytes) perblafempropodeum.JPG (50193 bytes) perblafemtergatop.JPG (54795 bytes) perblafemterga1_3.JPG (70152 bytes) perblafempygidium.JPG (51240 bytes) perblafemside.JPG (38032 bytes) perblafembelow.JPG (37467 bytes) perblafemmesepisternumside.JPG (51660 bytes) perblafemscopa.JPG (49107 bytes) perblafemscopa2.JPG (53503 bytes)

Male: perblamaleface.JPG (52335 bytes) perblamalefaceside.JPG (57438 bytes) perblamalevertex.JPG (52518 bytes) perblamalewing.JPG (37452 bytes) perblamalepronotumtop.JPG (65491 bytes) perblamalepronotumside.JPG (55408 bytes) perblamalescutum.JPG (53011 bytes) perblamalescutellum.JPG (63361 bytes) perblamaletergatop.JPG (55968 bytes) perblamaleterga1_4.JPG (56151 bytes) perblamalegenitaliadorsal.JPG (36181 bytes) perblamalesterna.JPG (41067 bytes) perblamaleside.JPG (42808 bytes) perblamaletarsalclaws.JPG (55816 bytes)


Andrenidae: Perdita (Hexaperdita) boltoniae chrysopsina Timberlake

County Records: Alachua, Wakulla

Perbol.gif (17815 bytes)


Dates: May 2-July 2, May: 2, July: 1

Plant: Erigeron quercifolius; Mitchell also lists Chrysopsis, Coreopsis, Erigeron, Haplopappus, and Agalinis (as Gerardia)

Notes: New Jersey-Florida, flies July-Oct.

Female: perbolchrfemface.JPG (54646 bytes) perbolchrfemface2.JPG (51787 bytes) perbolchrfemface3.JPG (58642 bytes) perbolchrfemfaceside.JPG (59595 bytes) perbolchrfemmandible.JPG (52762 bytes) perbolchrfemvertex.JPG (50972 bytes) perbolchrfemwing.JPG (43057 bytes) perbolchrfemtop.JPG (51602 bytes) perbolchrfemscutum.JPG (57725 bytes) perbolchrfemtergatop.JPG (68754 bytes) perbolchrfemtergatop2.JPG (62092 bytes)  perbolchrfemside.JPG (52258 bytes)perbolchrfemmesepisternumside.JPG (63975 bytes) perbolchrfemlegs.JPG (55546 bytes) 

Male: perbolchrmaleface.JPG (55734 bytes) perbolchrmalefaceside.JPG (53235 bytes) perbolchrmalemandible.JPG (50273 bytes) perbolchrmalevertex.JPG (52181 bytes) perbolchrmalewing.JPG (45721 bytes) perbolchrmalepronotumside.JPG (53066 bytes) perbolchrmalescutum.JPG (57593 bytes) perbolchrmalescutellum.JPG (56041 bytes) perbolchrmaletergatop.JPG (45967 bytes) perbolchrmalegenitaldorsal.JPG (38323 bytes) perbolchrmaleside.JPG (45099 bytes) perbolchrmalerearleg.JPG (45870 bytes) 


Andrenidae: Perdita (Hexaperdita) foveata foveata Timberlake

County Records: none in FSCA, Timberlake (1956) does not list it for Florida.




Notes: Flies May-June, disjunct species?


Andrenidae: Perdita (Hexaperdita) georgica Timberlake

County Records: Orange, Volusia, Walton

Pergeo.gif (17799 bytes)

Locations: Daytona Beach, Winter Park, DeFuniak Springs

Dates: Sept. 6-Nov. 1; Sept.: 1, Nov:

Plant: Mitchell lists Aster, Chrysopsis, Haplopappus (Rayjacksonia or Croptilon), and Heterotheca; Flies August-October, North Carolina-Florida-Mississippi (coastal plain sp.)

Female: pergeofemface.JPG (50235 bytes) pergeofemface2.JPG (53737 bytes) pergeofemface3.JPG (58950 bytes) pergeofemtongue.JPG (32474 bytes) pergeofemfaceside.JPG (45003 bytes)pergeofemvertex.JPG (56485 bytes) pergeofemwing.JPG (44134 bytes) pergeofemscutum.JPG (67079 bytes) pergeofempropodeum.JPG (66086 bytes) pergeofemtergatop.JPG (47288 bytes) pergeofemterga1_3.JPG (67224 bytes) pergeofemterga3_5.JPG (76542 bytes) pergeofempygidium.JPG (50925 bytes) pergeofemside.JPG (39684 bytes) pergeofemmesepisternumside.JPG (52403 bytes) pergeofemscopa.JPG (47420 bytes) pergeofemscopaclose.JPG (61309 bytes) 


Andrenidae: Perdita (Hexaperdita) graenicheri Timberlake

County Records: Highlands (Norden et al. 1992); Miami-Dade (Graenicher 1927?)

Pergra.gif (18070 bytes)


Dates: Flies in October (Graenicher); Norden et al. (1992) found it in flight from late July-early November. Believed to be univoltine

Plant: collected on Chrysopsis tracyi only (Graenicher); Norden et al. (1992) found it on Heterotheca subaxillaris and Chrysopsis microcephala, collecting pollen from H. subaxillaris and nectar from both.

Notes: Originally thought to be endemic to SE coast of Florida (Miami-Dade to Palm Beach?); Recent collections from the central sand ridge area (Norden et al. 1992) have expanded its range to the south-central peninsula. Perhaps, it occurs in two disjunct areas (the sandy areas of southeastern Florida and the central sand ridge). Norden et al. (1992) also found much greater morphological variation in males than that of the original type specimens and males may not key out using the key in Mitchell. Females key out ok. Males show variation in head size and gena tubercules, with larger males having tubercules and smaller males lacking them.


Andrenidae: Perdita (Hexaperdita) nubila Timberlake

County Records: Alachua

Pernub.gif (16971 bytes)


Dates: May 1-June 25, May: 2. June:

Plant: Mitchell lists E. strigosus (=Erigeron ramosus), Flies April-July

Notes: Endemic to Florida. P. nubila may occasionally lack the dense hairs.

Female: pernubfemface.JPG (49774 bytes) pernubfemclypeus.JPG (69039 bytes) pernubfemfaceside.JPG (50432 bytes) pernubfemvertex.JPG (43395 bytes) pernubfemwing.JPG (34279 bytes) pernubfemscutum.JPG (51322 bytes) pernubfempropodeum.JPG (52272 bytes) pernubfemtergatop.JPG (55548 bytes) pernubfemside.JPG (45501 bytes) pernubfemmesepisternumside.JPG (57350 bytes) pernubfemscopa.JPG (41559 bytes) pernubfemscopa2.JPG (42533 bytes)

Male: pernubmaleface.JPG (42320 bytes) pernubmalefaceside.JPG (44717 bytes) pernubmalevertex.JPG (39568 bytes) pernubmalewing.JPG (36969 bytes) pernubmalescutum.JPG (46649 bytes) pernubmalepronotumside.JPG (44195 bytes) pernubmaletergatop.JPG (39613 bytes) pernubmalegenitaldorsal.JPG (33872 bytes) pernubmaleside.JPG (34567 bytes) pernubmalemesepisternumside.JPG (46527 bytes)