Reducing Future Outbreaks of Southern Pine Beetle in Florida

Prepared by the Gainesville/Alachua County Southern Pine Beetle Technical Advisory Committee, October 2001.  James R Meeker, principal author.

Widespread, rapid, abundant and costly episodes of tree mortality due to outbreaks of the southern pine beetle will likely continue across northern Florida into the foreseeable future. Whether urban or rural, public or private, forests need to be altered and thereafter maintained in a less susceptible condition over large areas to prevent, delay and limit such undesirable events. The following is a list of measures that reduce the probability of SPB activity. The more measures that become reality and practice across all landscapes and ownerships, the more effective the prevention effort will be.

I. Local Ordinances, Codes, and Regulations:

II. Government Practices, Procedures, Policies and Programs:

III. Other Additional Measures:


  Prepared 10 April 2002. Last modified 17 April 2002. Send comments and suggestions to John Foltz.

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