Public Health Pest Control

Training and CEU Tutorials

The University of FLorida has developed several computer-verified training tutorials in the area of Public Health. In Florida, and some other states, this category is currently limited to "... mosquito/biting fly topics such as control methods, bionomics, surveillance, disease epidemiology, etc."

Two of these tutorials are based on Chapter 3 - "Mosquitoes" - of the Public Health Manual.

Each of the tutorials is authorized for one Continuing Education Credit (CEU) in the Public Health category for the state of Florida. Users can order the tutorials (both are available on one CD-ROM for $15) and download the verification form for these tutorials in PDF format from the Buggy Software WWW site - under CEU Tutorials.

For the state of Florida, a score of 90% is required to pass each tutorial to earn the CEU. Details on how to submit the the paperwork for CEU are provided in Question #1 and #50 of each tutorial. Details are also provided on the Buggy Software site under Bug Tutorials.

The University of Florida has a number of other computer verified training tutorials that have been authorized for training and CEUs for Florida. Some of these are accepted in the categories of Core and General Studies Core which Public Health applicators must also retrain in.

Another Bug Tutorial authorized by the State of Florida for CEUs in Public Health is Bloodsucking Insects. This tutorial is available on CD-ROM SW 156, along with a Filth-breeding Fly tutorial. That CD, like all the Bug Tutorial CDs, costs $15.

For further information, see the file on CEU tutorials on the University of Florida Buggy Software WWW site.

OTHER STATES: The tutorials are also authorized for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) in Vermont and West Virginia.

Agencies and associations in other states, who wish to use these tutorials for CEU training, will have to submit the paperwork for their individual states for approval to their respective state agency. Thomas Fasulo requests that state agencies or other organizations notify him if their states approve these tutorials for recertification. Those states, and their required procedures, will then be listed on the UF/IFAS Buggy Software Web site.

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