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Rebecca W. Baldwin
Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator


(80% Teaching, 20% Extension)

  • B.A., 1998, General Studies/Biology Honors, Northeast Louisiana University, Monroe, LA (Honors project - Population Genetics of the Asian Ladybeetle in Northeast Louisiana)
  • M.S., 2000, Biology, University of Louisiana at Monroe, Monroe, LA (Thesis title: Predator detection by damselfly larvae (Zygoptera: Coenagrionidae) from a south temperate habitat)
  • Ph.D., 2005, Urban Entomology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (Dissertation title: Public perceptions of urban pest management and the toxicity of fatty acid salts to cockroaches)

Relevant Employment History

  • 2006, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL - Assistant Extension Scientist (Duties include developing manuals, extension material, newsletters, presentations and reports for IPM programs. Leading educational and training programs for IPM, maintaining the School IPM National Website, and co-leading School IPM statewide expansion.)
  • 2000, Riverwood International, West Monroe, LA - Environmental Laboratory Technician (Duties included daily sampling, testing and reporting on liquids associated with the paper industry. These tests included TSS, TDS, TS, COD, BOD, chlorine, % ash, black liquor, and various other waste water tests.)
  • 1999-2000, Ouachita Parish School Board, Monroe, LA - Substitute Teacher (Duties included teaching at local public schools as needed. Ages ranged from K-12th grade and the classes varied from day to day.)
  • 1997-2000, Mosquito Control, Inc., Monroe, LA - Educational Director (Duties included developing and teaching educational programs about insects and mosquito control in elementary schools throughout Ouachita Parish.)
  • 1994-1996, Technology Service Solutions/IBM, Monroe, LA - Customer Engineer (Duties included contacting customers, and analyzing and repairing computers.)

Teaching Responsibilites

  • Instructor (2001-2005) - Principles of Entomology (ENY 3005/5006): Principles of Entomology is an introductory course designed for students majoring in entomology or other life science majors. This class is taught spring, summer, and fall and the enrollment thus far has ranged from 30-60 students per semester. The course has been modified so that students can take it as a distance course.
  • Instructor (2001-2005) - Principles of Entomology Lab (ENY 3005L/5006L): The lab portion of the 3005/5006 course has been modified for so that distance students may have a lab experience. The lab consists of interactive labs, virtual labs, at-home labs, and video field trip labs.
  • Teaching Assistant: Medical/Veterinary Entomology Lab; Insect Classification Lab; Biology 121; Zoology 102.


  • My research interests stem around education and training for the pest control industry. My research consists of testing low impact pesticides using fatty acid salts that can be utilized in environments with children. The target environments will include schools and daycare centers, and the target pests include ants and cockroaches. My research also includes testing training materials for the pest control industry.

Honors and Awards

  • 2005, ESA 1st place Ph.D. paper competition
  • 2005, Professional Women of Pest Management Scholarship
  • 2005, EPA Award for Protecting Children's Health (School IPM)
  • 2005, IFAS Certificate for work on School IPM Pest Press
  • 2004, IFAS Agricultural Women's Club Scholarship
  • 2004, FES 1st place Ph.D. paper competition
  • 2003, FES Student Paper Competition 2nd Place Award
  • 2003, NACTA Graduate Student Teaching Award
  • 2003, Smithsonian/ Orkin Student Internship winner
  • 2002, University of Florida President's Award for Outstanding Achievement
  • 2002, FDACS Research Grant, $21,000
  • 2002, 2003, Pi Chi Omega Scholarship for Urban Entomology Research, $1500
  • 2002, CALS Honors Contract Teacher recognition
  • 2002, FES Scholarship, $500
  • 2001-2005, Graduate Student Council Travel Grant
  • 2001-2005, IFAS Travel Grant, $200
  • 2002-2005, FES Travel Grant and Mini-Grants, $100-$200
  • NLU Honors Program - graduate
  • Who's Who Among American College Students
  • Intercollegiate Honor Band member (Louisiana)

Extension and Publications

  • Florida Pro - Cockroaches Voted Most Offensive, May/June 2005
  • Florida Pro - Getting sucked into the vortex of school IPM, July/August 2006
  • Featured Creatures - Red Flour Beetle and Confused Flour Beetle
  • Maxforce Label Tutorial SW-167
  • Insect Photo Gallery - Food Pests
  • Head Lice Fact Sheet
  • Pest Ants and Cockroaches ID book - University of Florida, 2005
  • Cockroaches - ID Poster SP402 - University of Florida, 2004
  • Urban Pest Droppings - ID Poster - University of Florida, 2004

School IPM Posting and Notification Sheets

  • IPM Warning and Caution notification
  • IPM Universal Notification Letter
  • IPM Specific Notification Letter
  • Pesticide Spill - video for technician training
  • Pest Press - School IPM monthly newsletter for the Southeastern US