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common names: house and field crickets
scientific names: Acheta, Gryllodes, and Gryllus (Insecta: Orthoptera: family Gryllidae: subfamily Gryllinae)

House and field crickets are large, ground-dwelling, black or brown crickets. They are among the most frequently encountered of Florida's 80 cricket species. House crickets are largely tan or brown in color, whereas field crickets are largely black. For pictures, descriptions, and sounds of our eight species, see below:

Acheta domesticus (Linnaeus), house cricket
Gryllodes sigillatus (F. Walker), tropical house cricket
Gryllus spp., field crickets
G. assimilis (Fabricius), Jamaican field cricket
G. firmus Scudder, sand field cricket
G. fultoni (Alexander), southern wood cricket
G. ovisopis T. Walker, taciturn wood cricket
G. rubens Scudder, southeastern field cricket
G. texensis Cade & Otte, Texas field cricket