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Drawings are of the Right Forewings of Male Florida Field Cickets
from Nickle and Walker 1974
The color pattern of the forewing is the easiest means (other than song) of distinguishing sand field crickets from the other two species that are common in lawns, pastures, and roadsides. The pattern is best viewed by extending the wing to the side, so that light is passing through the wing rather than merely reflecting from it. The key feature in the pattern in the sand field cricket is that veins and crossveins in the lateral field are paler than their background.
sand field cricket
southeastern and Texas
field crickets
On the other hand, in the southeastern and Texas field crickets, the lateral field is pale and the venation is inconspicuous. There is a bold dark longitudinal stripe at the juncture of the dorsal and lateral fields that the sand field cricket lacks.


The forewings of the taciturn wood cricket are shorter and usually blacker than those of the southern wood cricket.
southern wood cricket
taciturn wood cricket

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