Tracheal and Circulatory Systems


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1. Moves hemolymph from posterior to anterior regions of an insect's body
4. Thickened bands that allow trachea to be strong yet flexible
5. Insects have an _________ circulatory system.
6. The __________ organs help pump hemolymph into the legs and wings
8. Tubes that circulate air taken in from spiricles
12. Tiny openings in abdominal region of dorsal vessel
13. Body fluid of insects
14. Portion of dorsal vessel that contains ostia


2. Controls how much air enters the body
3. Membrane in legs that helps ensure hemolymph circulation
7. Trachea branch into these
9. Portion of dorsal vessel NOT containing the ostia
10. Hemolymph cells
11. During this process, portions of the cuticular lining in the trachea are replaced