Updated August 2013

Instructor and Office Hours:
Dr. William Crow
Room 2215 Steinmetz Hall (Entomology and Nematology Building)
Bldg. 970 Natural Area Drive
P.O. Box 110620
TEL 352-273-3941
FAX 352-392-0190

Prerequisites: none

Course objectives: This course is intended to expose students to current research in nematology, to further their understanding plant-parasitic nematodes damaging plants and their management options, and to expose students to careers in nematology and related disciplines.

Course description: The course consists of field trips to field research sites, sites of crops suffering nematode damage, IFS Research Centers, USDA labs, industry research facilities, and agricultural production facilities. There will be several day trips throughout the semester, and a 5 day trip to South Florida over spring break.

Grading: This is a graded course. Grades will be assigned based on attendance and class participation using the standard university grading scale.

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