Subgenus Holandrena (1 sp.)

    This subgenus has a pronotum with distinct humeral angles and ridges in both sexes, long maxillary palpi

andcrefemmouthparts2.JPG (51939 bytes),

more or less punctate terga

andcrefemterga1_2.JPG (78139 bytes)

and roughened propodeal area

andcrefempropodeum.JPG (73545 bytes)

simple scopal hairs

andcrefemmidandrearlegs.JPG (45512 bytes)

and propodeal corbicula with internal hairs, usually yellow male clypeus and parocular areas

andcremaleclypeus.JPG (67148 bytes)

and broad galea

andcrefemmouthparts.JPG (41809 bytes)

    For more information, see LaBerge, Wallace E. 1986. A revision of the bees of the genus Andrena of the Western Hemisphere. Part XI. Minor subgenera and subgeneric key. Transactions of the American Entomological Society 111: 441-567.

Andrenidae: Andrena (Holandrena) cressoni cressoni Robertson

County Records: Alachua, Baker, Gadsden, Jackson, Leon, Liberty, Sarasota, Suwanee. LaBerge had it listed from only Leon and Liberty counties in Florida. The majority of the records from the FSCA are from the Northern tier of counties but the records from Alachua and Sarasota counties suggest that the species further south than thought.

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Locations: Tall Timbers, Torreya State Park

Dates: March 13-May 6, March: 2, April: 7, May: 1


Notes: LaBerge considers this species to be variable, and it consists of the two subspecies that Mitchell lists separately, A. cressoni cressoni and A. cressoni tallahasensis. This species is distinguished by the extremely short, usually entire, labral process in the female and an attenuated tip of the eight sternum of the male. Both sexes usually have distinctly punctate terga. 

Female: andcrefemfront.JPG (49795 bytes) andcrefemclypeus.JPG (80513 bytes) andcrefemclypeus2.JPG (69261 bytes) andcrefemmouthparts.JPG (41809 bytes) andcrefemmouthparts2.JPG (51939 bytes) andcrefemvertex.JPG (58552 bytes) andcrefemwing.JPG (54901 bytes) andcrefemscutum.JPG (64240 bytes) andcrefemtegulae.JPG (58127 bytes)andcrefemscutellum.JPG (72356 bytes) andcrefempropodeum.JPG (73545 bytes) andcrefemtergatop.JPG (78915 bytes) andcrefemterga1_2.JPG (78139 bytes) andcrefemterga3_6.JPG (93247 bytes) andcrefempygidialplate.JPG (49024 bytes) andcrefemside.JPG (42332 bytes) andcrefembelow.JPG (56226 bytes) andcrefemmidandrearlegs.JPG (45512 bytes)

Male: andcremaleface.JPG (51897 bytes) andcremaleclypeus.JPG (67148 bytes) andcremalefaceside.JPG (52344 bytes) andcremalemandible.JPG (52416 bytes) andcremalevertex.JPG (59296 bytes) andcremalewing.JPG (38168 bytes) andcremaletegulae.JPG (56288 bytes) andcremalescutellum.JPG (75037 bytes) andcremalepropodeum.JPG (72000 bytes) andcremaletergatop.JPG (48726 bytes) andcremaletergaside.JPG (43693 bytes) andcremaleterga2.JPG (75479 bytes) andcremaleterga3_6.JPG (71331 bytes) andcremalegenitaldorsal.JPG (49884 bytes) andcremalegenitalside.JPG (54400 bytes) andcremalegenitalside2.JPG (39205 bytes) andcremalestrena.JPG (66360 bytes) andcremalestrena2.JPG (50150 bytes) andcremaleside.JPG (38300 bytes) andcremalebelow.JPG (45354 bytes)