Lasioglossum (Dialictus, Habralictellus)

    This is a group that has been accorded generic status as Habralictellus, as a subgenus of Dialictus, and with Dialictus as a subgenus or group of the larger genus Lasioglossum. For a full description, see M. S. Engel. 2001. Three new Habralictellus bee species from the Caribbean (Hymenoptera: Halictidae). Solenodon 1: 33-37.


Halictidae: Lasioglossum (Dialictus, Habralictellus) eleutherensis Engel

County Records: Known only from Miami-Dade

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Localities: University of Miami Gifford Arboretum (Coral Gables, FL)

Plants: Ardisia escallonioides, Calyptranthes pallens

Notes: Recently described by Engel (2001); known from the Bahamas (Eleuthera) and Cuba  (Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Paredon). Its status in Florida is unknown; four females were collected by J. Pascarella in 1996-1997 while they were foraging in the University of Miami arboretum. Perhaps it is a recent immigrant brought to Florida by a hurricane or tropical storm. There are no previous records of this very distinctive bee.

Female:  habelefemface.JPG (62655 bytes) habelefemfaceside.JPG (53389 bytes) habelefemmandible.JPG (55109 bytes) habelefemmandibleclose.JPG (57722 bytes) habelefemantennae.JPG (42680 bytes) habelefemvertex.JPG (59565 bytes) habelefemwing.JPG (38939 bytes) habelefemwing2.JPG (53792 bytes) habelefemwing3.JPG (49095 bytes) habelefemscutum.JPG (67072 bytes) habelefemtegulae.JPG (52849 bytes) habelefemscutellum.JPG (70885 bytes) habelefempropodeumrear.JPG (72368 bytes) habelefemtergatop.JPG (70472 bytes) habelefemterga1&2.JPG (59365 bytes) habelefemterga3_6.JPG (58776 bytes) habelefemside.JPG (38250 bytes) habelefemmesepisternumside.JPG (67005 bytes) habelefembelow.JPG (50620 bytes)