Tribe Ceratinini (3 taxa)

Genus Ceratina Latreille, three taxa

Two subgenera, Ceratinula and Zadontomerus, are known from Florida. Nesting notes: Twig-nesting, benefits from fires, agricultural development. Twigs and stems must be broken or burned before the bees can excavate nests.

Key to females

  1. Very small (3-5mm); head and mesoscutum largely impunctate, shining; black....Ceratina cockerelli

cercocfemscutum.JPG (74234 bytes)

    Larger, head and mesoscutum punctured; metallic blue...................2

    cerdupfemalevertex.JPG (53781 bytes) 

  1. Area between notaulices of scutum with numerous punctures; clypeus with a yellow spot..Ceratina dupla

cerdupfemalescutum2.JPG (48532 bytes) -cerdupfemaleface3.JPG (61057 bytes)

Area between notaulices of scutum polished, with few if any punctures; clypeus maculated or not…Ceratina calcarata

Key to males

  1. Carinate apex of tergum 7 composed of two, widely separated acute tubercules…Ceratina cockerelli                                                             cercocmaletergum7.JPG (55975 bytes)
  2. Apex of tergum 7 with a single, median lobe-like carina…2

    cercalmaletergum7-5.JPG (28375 bytes)

  3. Hind femur somewhat dilated toward base, but without a median projection, the greatest width near the base hardly more than a third its length…Ceratina dupla

cerdupmalehindfemur.JPG (48102 bytes)

Hind femur with a median triangular projection, width at this point about equal to half the length..Ceratina calcarata

cercalmalehindfemur.JPG (31474 bytes)



Subgenus Ceratinula

Apidae: Ceratina cockerelli Smith

County Records: Alachua, Baker, Columbia, Lake, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Okaloosa, Sarasota, Wakulla

cercoc.jpg (71381 bytes)

Locations: Gainesville, Key Largo, Key Vaca, Siesta Key.


Plants: Erigeron quercifolius



cercocfemface.JPG (33765 bytes) cercocfemfaceclose.JPG (75056 bytes) cercocfemtop.JPG (56118 bytes) cercocfemvertex.JPG (60030 bytes) cercocfemscutum.JPG (74234 bytes) cercocfemscutumclose.JPG (104365 bytes) cercocfemwing.JPG (76526 bytes) cercocfemabdtop.JPG (57941 bytes) cercocfemabdtopclose.JPG (114373 bytes)

Male: cercocmaleface.JPG (62132 bytes) cercocmaleface2.JPG (61349 bytes) cercocmaleside.JPG (47664 bytes) cercocmalescutum.JPG (85059 bytes)cercocmaleabdtop.JPG (103527 bytes) cercocmalewing.JPG (59983 bytes)  cercocmaletergum7.JPG (55975 bytes) cercocmalevertex.JPG (81839 bytes)


Subgenus Zadontomerus

Apidae: Ceratina calcarata Robertson

County Records: Alachua, Jefferson, Leon, Levy, Marion, Okaloosa.

cercal.jpg (71083 bytes)





Male: cercalmaleface.JPG (56567 bytes) cercalmaleantenna.JPG (29853 bytes)   cercalmalemandible.JPG (42931 bytes) cercalmalemandible2.JPG (31980 bytes) cercalmalevertex.JPG (32325 bytes) cercalmalevertex2.JPG (34598 bytes) cercalmalescutum.JPG (52087 bytes) cercalmalescutum2.JPG (34672 bytes) cercalmaleside.JPG (33010 bytes) cercalmaleside2.JPG (36721 bytes) cercalmaleterga.JPG (43683 bytes) cercalmalehindfemur.JPG (31474 bytes) cercalmalehindfemur2.JPG (40464 bytes) cercalmaleventral.JPG (26710 bytes)  cercalmaletergum7-5.JPG (28375 bytes) cercalmaletergum7-2.JPG (45458 bytes) cercalmaletergum7-3.JPG (39124 bytes) cercalmaletergum7-4.JPG (33356 bytes) 


Apidae: Ceratina dupla Say = (C. floridana)

County Records: Alachua, Bay, Collier, Franklin, Highlands, Jefferson, Lake, Leon, Liberty, Manatee, Marion, Martin, Miami-Dade, Okaloosa, St. Johns.

cerdup.jpg (71057 bytes)




Notes: Mitchell described these as separate subspecies. They have later been described as intergrading extensively in the north of Florida and are not considered subspecific.


cerdupfemaleface.JPG (44112 bytes) cerdupfemaleface2.JPG (37304 bytes) cerdupfemaleface3.JPG (61057 bytes) cerdupfemalemandible.JPG (35661 bytes) cerdupfemaletongue.JPG (35818 bytes)

 cerdupfemalevertex.JPG (53781 bytes) cerdupfemalevertex2.JPG (63537 bytes) cerdupfemalewing.JPG (31474 bytes) cerdupfemalescutum.JPG (51584 bytes) cerdupfemalescutum2.JPG (48532 bytes)

cerdupfemaleside.JPG (48034 bytes) cerdupfemaleside2.JPG (34201 bytes) cerdupfemaleterga.JPG (49068 bytes) cerdupfemaleterga2.JPG (65911 bytes) cerdupfemaletergum7.JPG (42943 bytes)

cerdupfemalescopa.JPG (54812 bytes)


cerdupmaleface.JPG (30121 bytes) cerdupmalemandible.JPG (30763 bytes) cerdupmalewing.JPG (31709 bytes) cerdupmaleside.JPG (40548 bytes) cerdupmalescutum.JPG (40761 bytes)

cerdupmalehindfemur.JPG (48102 bytes) cerdupmalehindfemur2.JPG (49202 bytes) cerdupmaleterga.JPG (36720 bytes) cerdupmaletergum7.JPG (37267 bytes) cerdupmaletergum7-2.JPG (67205 bytes)

cerdupmaletergum7-3.JPG (72598 bytes) cerdupmaletergum7-4.JPG (48734 bytes) cerdupmaletergum7ventral.JPG (39624 bytes) cerdupmaletergum7ventral2.JPG (31921 bytes) cerdupmalegenitalia.JPG (39585 bytes)

cerdupmalegenitalia2.JPG (38224 bytes) cerdupmalegenitalia3.JPG (49277 bytes)