Tribe Centridini (2 taxa)

    This tribe of fast-flying, large, robust bees, lack arolia. Many collect floral oils, particularly from the Malphigiaceae, Krameriaceae, or Calceolaria. The only genus present in Florida is the genus Centris.

Genus Centris Fabricius, two taxa

    This genus consists of two taxa found in two subgenera. Centris lanosa is likely to occur throughout the state although there are relatively few records but they span the entire peninsula and eastern panhandle. In contrast, C. errans is only found in Monroe and Miami-Dade counties.

Key to subgenera (from Michener 2000)

Key to females

1. Secondary basitibial plate with distinct overhanging margin…subgenus Centris

Secondary basitibial plate without distinct overhanging margin or with slight overhang on anterior side of plate…subgenus Paracentris

Key to males

1. Giant branched setae scattered along inner margin of apical styliform projection of gonocoxite; metasoma at least feebly metallic, often extensively maculate with yellow..Centris

Giant branched setae restricted to region near base of gonostylus; gonocoxite without apical projection or with projection less than half as long as gonostylus; metasoma usually not metallic and without extensive yellow maculae or bands..Paracentris


Key to Species (From Mitchell 1962)


Clypeus entirely black; abdomen black, without metallic reflections..Centris lanosa

cenlanfemface.JPG (44562 bytes) cenlanfemtergatop2.JPG (49997 bytes)

Clypeus yellow apically and along midline above; abdomen largely ferruginous, with tergum 1 and median areas of 2-4 metallic green....Centris errans

cenerrfemface.JPG (88275 bytes) cenerrfemterga_close.JPG (75454 bytes)


Clypeus entirely yellow; legs, except the more apical tarsal segments, piceous; abdominal terga beyond the base largely black....Centris lanosa

Clypeus with narrow black lines along the lateral margins; abdomen ferruginous in large part...Centris errans

cenerrmaleface_close.JPG (93684 bytes) cenerrmaleterga.JPG (74314 bytes)


Subgenus Centris Fabricius s. str., one taxon

Apidae: Centris errans Fox

County Records: Miami-Dade, Monroe

cenerr.jpg (70094 bytes)

Locations: Bahia Honda, Big Coppet Key, Big Pine Key, Everglades National Park, Fleming Key, Homestead, Key West, No Name Key, Stock Island, Subtropical Experiment Station, Sugarloaf Key

Dates: March 20-June 12; March: 2, April: 10, May: 6, June: 2

Plants: often collected on Byrsonima spicata (Malphigiaceae)

Notes: This species is restricted to the two southern counties, found only in pineland in association with its floral host.

Female: cenerrfemface.JPG (88275 bytes) cenerrfemface2.JPG (80600 bytes) cenerrfemmandibles.JPG (76104 bytes) cenerrfemvertex.JPG (79662 bytes) cenerrfemwing.JPG (53230 bytes) cenerrfemtop.JPG (70671 bytes) cenerrfemterga.JPG (64932 bytes) cenerrfemterga_close.JPG (75454 bytes) cenerrfemside.JPG (59079 bytes) cenerrfemscopa.JPG (59924 bytes)

Male: cenerrmaleface.JPG (61749 bytes) cenerrmaleface_close.JPG (93684 bytes) cenerrmalemandibles.JPG (52123 bytes) cenerrmaleantenna.JPG (42888 bytes) cenerrmalewing.JPG (72353 bytes) cenerrmaleside.JPG (66577 bytes) cenerrmalescutum.JPG (95124 bytes) cenerrmaleterga.JPG (74314 bytes) cenerrmalelegs.JPG (62499 bytes) 


Subgenus Paracentris Cameron, one taxon

Apidae: Centris lanosa Cresson

County Records: Alachua, Gilchrist, Leon (Pascarella), Miami-Dade

cenlan.jpg (68790 bytes)

Locations: Coral Gables, Tall Timbers, Trenton

Dates: April 14-August, November-December

Plants: polylectic

Notes: This species probably occurs throughout Florida. Its northern and western limit is unknown but it has not been reported from Alabama, Mississippi or Louisiana. 

Female: cenlanfemfacebelow.JPG (26791 bytes) cenlanfemface.JPG (44562 bytes) cenlanfemclypeus.JPG (49599 bytes) cenlanfemmandible.JPG (39184 bytes) cenlanfemcheek.JPG (37264 bytes) cenlanfemeye.JPG (33016 bytes) cenlanfemfaceside.JPG (38254 bytes) cenlanfemtongue.JPG (35813 bytes) cenlanfemtongueside.JPG (25949 bytes)

cenlanfemmesopleura.JPG (50598 bytes) cenlanfemtop.JPG (29125 bytes) cenlanfemwing.JPG (36546 bytes) cenlanfemscutellum.JPG (48423 bytes) cenlanfemlegs.JPG (32843 bytes)

cenlanfemtarsi.JPG (28460 bytes) cenlanfemscopa.JPG (47400 bytes) cenlanfemscopa2.JPG (43834 bytes) cenlanfemscopa3.JPG (33570 bytes) cenlanfemtergatop.JPG (45692 bytes)

cenlanfemtergatop2.JPG (49997 bytes)