Subgenus Apomelissodes LaBerge (2 taxa)

    The two members of this species are immediately recognizable by either their broad apical hair bands or their simple unbranched scopal hairs. M. apicata is a wetland species, visiting a variety of flowers, while M. mitchelli is an oligolege on Opuntia. Both are strictly spring flying species unlike the many fall flying Eumelissodes or all-year flying Melissodes.

Key to females of Melissodes, subgenus Apomelissodes

Clypeus shining, median area above sparsely and irregularly punctate…M. mitchelli

Clypeus closely punctate throughout…M. apicata

melapifemclypeus2.JPG (80730 bytes)

Key to males of Melissodes, subgenus Apomelissodes

Clypeus entirely or in part black. .M. apicata

melapimalerclypeus.JPG (60420 bytes)

Clypeus entirely yellow ..M. mitchelli


Apidae: Melissodes apicata Cresson

County Records: Alachua, Highlands, Marion

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Dates: March 31-April 15; March:1, April: 3

Plants: Pontederia, Melilotus, Stachys, Hydrocotyle

Notes: An eastern seaboard species that occurs from Maine to Florida.

Female: melapifemfront.JPG (45335 bytes) melapifemface.JPG (72851 bytes) melapifemclypeus.JPG (84284 bytes) melapifemclypeusclose.JPG (83560 bytes) melapifemclypeus2.JPG (80730 bytes) melapifemclypeusside.JPG (48612 bytes) melapifemclypeusside2.JPG (46348 bytes) melapifemeye.JPG (61406 bytes) melapifemlabrum.JPG (82059 bytes) melapifemmandible.JPG (51160 bytes) melapifemtongue.JPG (45549 bytes) melapifemvertex.JPG (70106 bytes) melapifemvertexfronthairs.JPG (57049 bytes) melapifemwing.JPG (49563 bytes) melapifemtop.JPG (45140 bytes) melapifemtopoblique.JPG (50612 bytes) melapifemscutum.JPG (63910 bytes) melapifemscutellum.JPG (61787 bytes) melapifemside.JPG (47247 bytes) melapifemscopa.JPG (38031 bytes) melapifemscopa2.JPG (53800 bytes) melapifemscopaclose.JPG (51279 bytes) melapifemscopacloser.JPG (56594 bytes) melapifemscopacloser2.JPG (57154 bytes) melapifemtergatop.JPG (49793 bytes) melapifemtergatop2.JPG (48744 bytes) melapifempygidialplate.JPG (50176 bytes)

Male:melapimalerfront.JPG (41190 bytes) melapimalerface.JPG (57521 bytes) melapimalerclypeus.JPG (60420 bytes) melapimalelabrum.JPG (49032 bytes) melapimaleeye.JPG (54783 bytes) melapimaleclypeusside.JPG (46621 bytes) melapimaleantennae.JPG (44138 bytes)  melapimalevertex.JPG (67534 bytes) melapimalewing.JPG (62139 bytes) melapimaletopoblique.JPG (54973 bytes) melapimaleside.JPG (43040 bytes) melapimalebelow.JPG (52671 bytes) melapimalescutum.JPG (62682 bytes) melapimalescutumoblique.JPG (61866 bytes) melapimaletegulae.JPG (59276 bytes) melapimalescutellum.JPG (65273 bytes) melapimalerearlegs.JPG (47897 bytes) melapimaletergatop.JPG (67641 bytes) melapimaletergaside.JPG (44598 bytes) melapimaletergum7.JPG (39875 bytes) melapimalegenitaldorsal.JPG (45625 bytes) melapimalegenitaldorsal2.JPG (43517 bytes) melapimalegenitalside.JPG (39213 bytes) melapimalegenitalventral.JPG (42182 bytes) melapimalegenitalventralclose.JPG (42872 bytes) melapimalegenitalventralclose2.JPG (51393 bytes) 


Apidae: Melissodes mitchelli LaBerge

County Records: Alachua

melmit.jpg (71207 bytes)


Dates: April 27; April to May (Mitchell)

Plants: Oligolege on Opuntia

Notes: North Carolina to Florida. No photos available at this time.