Tribe Anthophorini (2 taxa)

    This tribe has robust, fast-flying anthophoriform pollen-collecting bees. Nests are burrows in the soil, often in vertical clay banks.

Two genera (Anthophora, Habropoda) are present in Florida, each representing the main two lineages.

Key to genera (From Michener 2000)

1. First recurrent vein joining second submarginal cell near middle; third submarginal cell subquadrate, with front and rear margins of about equal length, and basal and distal margins of about equal length; male gonostylus usually less than one-third as long as gonocoxite, often not double, sometimes reduced to almost nothing…Anthophora

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2.     First recurrent vein terminating at or near apex of second submarginal cell; male gonostylus double, dorsal and ventral gonostyli usually both one-third as long as gonocoxite or more…Habropoda

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