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Piotr Naskrecki encouraged TJW to make an interactive Web site that could be distributed via CDs rather than merely make audio CDs of the songs of North American insects. The CD accompanying his Katydids of Costa Rica inspired me to begin this project, and we have shamelessly copied, with his approval, many of the devices that make his CD so compelling.

Skipping to more recent times, Brandon Woo, an undergraduate at Cornell University...

Crickets and Katydids

During more than 40 years of studying crickets and katydids in North America, indoors and out, I've been helped in large ways and small by more persons than I can remember. The ones listed here are among those who deserve special credit.

Field work in North America: Robert E. Love, John D. Spooner, David L. Mays, James J. Whitesell, Karl J. Stone, Richard D. Alexander, Glenn K. Morris, S. N. Ulagaraj, Robert C. Paul, Doug Palmer, Dennis W. Figg, H. Fred Strohecker.

Field work in the Caribbean: Robert Woodruff, Jack Schuster, James J. Whitesell, Peter Drummond, James T. Lloyd.

Laboratory work: Susan A. Wineriter, Robert E. Love, John D. Spooner, Timothy G. Forrest, David L. Mays, James J. Whitesell, Phoebe Wilson, Paul M. Choate, Dong Ngo.

Museum curators: R. E. Woodruff and M. C. Thomas (FSCA), R. D. Alexander and I. J. Cantrall (UMMZ), Dan Otte (ANSP), Ashley B. Gurney (USNM).

Graphics: Susan A. Wineriter, Phoebe Wilson, Paul M. Choate, Eliza Karpook, Harry McVay.

SINA Web site development: Kelly Sweeney, Christopher Cleasby, Mary Rogers, Carrie Newsom, Catherine Arguez, Joe Gasper, Teresa Cooper.

Data entry into GrylTett.mdb database: Yi Sun, Kelly Sweeney, Cynthia Williams, Mary Rogers, Carrie Newsom.

Origins of SINA