Construction progress

Date GB Total files htm jpg gif wav pdf other
23 Apr 01 0.68 3,293 1,114 898 727 467 82 5
9 Jul 02 1.07 5,370 1,761 1,826 1,021 501 256 5
30 Apr 04 1.37 8,127 2,296 2,799 1,852 814 297 69
1 Oct 14 2.47 10,525 2,955 4,098 1,957 911 421 183

27 Sep 2000
SINA construction begins at Site not publicized and no linking to it allowed.

10 Apr 2001
Content of SINA reaches a level that justifies going public and allowing links. Gryllotalpidae (mole crickets) and Copiphorinae (cone-headed katydids) serve as examples of what is planned for other groups.

23 Apr 2001
SINA becomes too large to conveniently edit its files on the Web. Therefore, the online version is frozen and a local version established to facilitate further improvements.

18 Jul 2001
The online version of SINA is updated, and the update is publicized. SINA now has distribution maps for the 123 species of crickets and 240 species of katydids known from North America. It includes pictorial keys to most genera of crickets and katydids and lists of major references for families, subfamilies and, in a few cases, genera. Some 150 of the references, including many that are old and hard to find, are posted in full text as PDF files.

1 Oct 2014
SINA now has distribution maps for the 131 species of crickets and 244 species of katydids known from North America. Its Union list of cricket and katydid references has 640 entries, 292 of which link to PDF files of the full text. Many of the entries that are complemented by PDF files are for old and hard-to-find works.

Oct-Nov 2014 (in progress)
SINA is prepared for archiving in the UF Institutional Repository. This includes removal of the material on cicadas deposited in cooperation with T.E. Moore to allow the posted version of SINA to be credited to a single author/editor. Systematic updating and upgrading of the content of SINA has begun.