Listed below, in alphabetical order, are scientific names that were used for species of singing insects during the past 50 or so years but which have since been replaced by other names. Taxonomists replace once-accepted names for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is that a species is found to have been described as new more than once, and one of the names (which are synonyms) must be given precedence over the other.

Anurogryllus muticus (of many authors but not De Geer) = Anurogryllus arboreus T. Walker [Anurogryllus muticus De Geer occurs in the Caribbean and tropical America.]

*Belocephalus hebardi Davis = Belocephalus subapterus Scudder

*Belocephalus hesperus Hebard = ? (prob. Belocephalus davisi Rehn and Hebard)

*Belocephalus rehni Davis = Belocephalus subapterus Scudder

*Belocephalus uncinatus Hebard = Belocephalus subapterus Scudder

Gryllodes supplicans F. Walker = Gryllodes sigillatus F. Walker

Gryllotalpa hexadactyla (Kirby) = Neocurtilla hexadactyla Kirby

Homorocoryphus malivolans (Scudder) = Bucrates malivolans (Scudder)

Idiostatus hendersoni Hebard = Idiostatus hermannii (Thomas)

Miogryllus verticalis (Serville) = Miogryllus saussurei (Scudder) [See Miogryllus for an explanation of this name change.]

Nemobius species = Allonemobius, Eunemobius, Neonemobius, and

Oecanthus angustipennis Fitch= Oecanthus niveus (De Geer)

Oecanthus niveus (of many authors but not De Geer) = Oecanthus fultoni T. Walker [The snowy tree cricket was long, but wrongly known as Oecanthus niveus. The specimens that De Geer described as niveus were narrow winged tree crickets.]

Orchelimum calcaratum Rehn and Hebard = Orchelimum silvaticum McNeill

Orchelimum glaberrimum (Burmeister) = Orchelimum erythrocephalum Davis

Orchelimum laticauda Rehn and Hebard [not Redtenbacher 1891] = Orchelimum pulchellum Davis

Phaneroptera quadripunctata Brunner = Phaneroptera nana Fieber

Pictonemobius species [Vickery and Johnstone (1970) assigned all North American ground crickets that had been placed in Nemobius to these four genera.]

Pteronemobius species = Allonemobius, Eunemobius, Neonemobius, and Pictonemobius species [Chopard (1967) assigned all North American ground crickets that had been placed in Nemobius to Pteronemobius. Vickery and Johnstone (1970) subsequently assigned them to the four listed genera.]

Pterophylla furcata (Caudell) = Pterophylla camellifolia (Fabricius)

Scapteriscus acletus Hebard = Scapteriscus borellii Giglio-Tos

Scapsipedus micado Saussure = Velarifictorus micado (Saussure)

Symmetropleura modesta Brunner = Montezumina modesta (Brunner)

*The synonyms indicated for Belocephalus are used on this site but have not been formally justified.