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This "green box" is part of the current draft of an ongoing update of Singing Insects of North America [SINA], edited by Tom Walker with able assistance from Dr. Teresa Cooper [Dr. Cooper has these entomological papers to her credit.]

The goals of SINA are described in its first two paragraphs. You are invited to browse any and all parts of SINA, but in case you have no time for browsing, here are links to five foreign species that have invaded Florida and an item of interest about each one:

Japanese burrowing cricket (Velarifictorus micado) (item)
Lychee bush cricket (Xenogryllus unipartitus) (item)
Woo’s katydid (Phaneroptera nana sp. #2) (item)
alien raptorial katydid (Phlugis sp.) (item)
Archbold alien katydid (Alloteratura? sp.) (item)

Or, hear and watch a variety of cricket and katydid songs at Sample songs of crickets and katydids.

Origins of SINA