Asynchronous development
Outdoor development of progeny of one field-caught Gryllus firmus female at Gainesville, Florida.

A Only eggs laid during weeks 2,4,6, and 7-9 (hatched bars; 2 July - 27 August 1972) were monitored outdoors.

B Hatching occurred between 16 July and 20 December; late-laid nondiapause eggs overlapped slightly in hatching dates with early-laid diapause eggs.

C Juveniles hatching after mid-September had reduced chances of surviving the winter and none that hatched after 22 October survived (deaths were not the direct results of cold snaps).

D Adults were produced from 20 September until 28 June. Outdoor rearing cages were censused and food and moisture were replenished weekly. Similar data were obtained with other females.

[Fig. 22 from Masaki and Walker 1987. Evol. Biol. 21: 349-423.]